The Retrofit Team’s Live Google Hangout with a $500 Coupon

Watch live as we meet the Retrofit team and learn more about this revolutionary weight loss program that could help you lose 10 to 15 percent of your total body weight.

Jennifer Plotnek, LCSW-C, the Lead Behavior Coach, and Whitney Durbin, Director of Employee Engagement, join and special guest Margo Donohue of BrooklynFitChick to talk about their revolutionary, tech-savvy, results-driven weight loss plan.

This brief Q&A serves as an introduction to the Retrofit program to help you decide if their approach to weight loss is the best fit for your needs. How could it not be though? With a dedicated team of experts that include a dietitian, exercise physiologist, and a behavior coach, your one-year membership to Retrofit includes a customized weight loss plan that not only helps you achieve your goals now but sets you up for sustainable success.

As well, each Retrofit client receives a Withings Wi-Fi scale, a Fitbit, and regular Skype calls with your team. All of this technology gives you more data to help refine your program every step of the way and keep you closely connected to your team no matter where you are.

Margo asks spot-on questions that any new customer would be curious about, and Jennifer and Whitney break it all down simply so that you’re even more comfortable making this commitment to yourself. Ready to lose 10 to 15 percent of your body weight in the next 12 months? Then you need to grab this $500 coupon today!

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