Pilates Goes Vertical with CoreAlign

The fitness world embraced Pilates nearly a decade ago. Today, Pilates is a household name and has been incorporated into many fitness classes. Sharing many traits with yoga, Pilates has often been a floor exercise. Some choose to use the machines, but all Pilates’ moves have previously been done horizontally. However, a new form of the excellent exercise has been developed. CoreAlign is the new version of Pilates that keeps users vertical.

CoreAlign takes the Pilates experience to a vertical position by using the self-titled platform machine. The platform has two carts that move independently of one another to challenge the body. The machine used in traditional horizontal Pilates training is called the Reformer; CoreAlign is considered a close relative of that proven design.

The CoreAlign claims to provide a very unique workout as it is explained to be part mind-body, part strength, and part cardio experience. The workout on the CoreAlign is designed to improve alignment, better one’s posture, and enhance balance all while remaining in an upright position.

The unique upright feature of the CoreAlign method is intended use of those doing musculoskeletal rehabilitation, anyone seeking performance enhancement, and simply for anyone needing a regular activity for a healthy lifestyle.

The CoreAlign machine is only available in gyms and studios and are currently only available in limited locations. As the demand has grown, more and more studios are offering CoreAlign. Those who have had experience doing Pilates on the mat or on the equipment are expected to be able to easily transition to the CoreAlign. Those with injuries or little Pilates experience will be able to make variations and modifications of the moves and gradually transition to the complete routine.

Pilates has always promised a long and lean body, now there’s another way to put the claims to the test. Check your local gyms and studios for the newest Pilates craze, CoreAlign.

Watch the video to learn more about CoreAlign.

Image via Pilates.com

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