Parents: Summer Isn’t an End to Fitness

If you have children, you may have taken advantage of the school year to develop a killer workout schedule. Drop the kids off at school, head to the gym for an intense workout, head home to shower – it’s much easier to get it all done when you are only responsible for yourself. (Ask me how I know this. Sigh.)

When summer arrives, those kids are home and clamoring for attention, activities, pool time and unlimited Popsicles – and there may be precious little time for your workouts. Don’t give up, though; the warmer weather and the ’round the clock presence of your children doesn’t have to put an end to your fitness endeavors. Before you abandon all hope, here are some great ways to get it all done:

  • Taking your kids to the park doesn’t have to mean sitting on the bench and observing. Try this amazing playground workout.
  • In the same spirit, let your children join you in your exercise. Often, they can come up with really fun and interesting ways to exercise that don’t even feel like work. TV tag, anyone?
  • A trek to the pool can be exhilarating for all involved. Form teams and swim relay laps, do kick lines in the water – great for your leg work – and practice jumping from the diving board – also another great leg burner.
  • Take your family on a bike ride. Even if you just visit a track, you can race each other, or if you have enough family members, form teams and compete against each other.
  • A hike together can be a wonderful way to increase both your fitness level and your family bonding time.

The warm weather and an end to daily school visits doesn’t have to equal a flabby body for you. It can even spell an increase in both your fitness and family time – a win for all involved!

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