Medifast Opening New Weight Loss Centers

medifast dietIn an economic climate where the common business news is bankruptcy and closings, one business is doing well enough to expand. Medifast, the popular weight loss brand, has plans to open ten of its weight loss centers in Florida and Texas, markets where the company is experiencing positive growth. They are continuing to examine markets where they might further grow their business in 2010.

Currently customers can visit Medifast in person at 19 franchise-owned locations and 20 corporate-owned locations. A new Tucson-based franchisee plans to open three locations during the next five years.

While having a physical location can certainly help create more meaningful relationships with customers, Medifast has most notably been managed online or via phone. The company ships its meal replacement shakes, bars, soups, puddings and other “soft food” products directly to the homes of its customers. This gives users both convenience and a sense of privacy while trying to manage their weight.

Unlike many of the fad diet approaches, Medifast has several reputable studies supporting its health and weight loss claims. Some clients see weight loss of as much as 20 pounds in the first month when they follow the plan’s guidance.

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