Make Small Changes to Improve Your Health

Healthy eating should not make you stressed out. Making small changes to move toward a more nutritious eating and snacking plan can help by leaps and bounds in the long run, because you repeat these changes over and again. My interview with Fox 5 DC gave great pointers on tips you can use to start living healthier.

Americans are notorious for drinking their calories. Replace your high-calorie beverages with drinks that don’t use up your calorie budget. Fruit2O, the company I’m working with to inspire people to make a commitment to small changes, has a drink with no calories, but it is fruit-flavored (their new Essentials line has added vitamins and minerals too). Another idea is to mix sparkling water with 1/2 cup of 100% juice for a refreshing, low calorie beverage.

Another thing many of us are guilty of is ignoring our bodies’ hungry/full signal. By keeping small snacks like dried fruit or nuts in the car or in your bag, you can keep yourself in check by snacking in a healthy way when your body says it’s time to do so.

Although a snack of nuts can be high in healthy fats, overindulging can add up the calories quickly. A mint tin full of nuts helps with portion control, letting you know when it’s time to stop. Armed with these nutrient-dense snacks, you can save yourself a trip through the drive-thru and a whole lot of excess sodium and fat.

Lastly, journaling or using your phone to track dietary intake is another great small change you can make starting today! Look for free or low-cost phone apps to help you track. Keeping yourself accountable for what you put in your body helps you learn to listen to those hungry/full signals, as well as evaluate where you may be going wrong by overeating unhealthy foods.

Start small and get big results with each change you make!

See Rebecca’s full interview here:

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