FoodFacts iPhone App Helps with Healthy Choices on the Go iPhone App Screen ShotIt’s no secret that food packaging can be misleading. While most people know that reading the ingredients list on packaged foods is important, they may not necessarily always take the time to do it. is a site that’s designed to help users figure out if a food product is healthy in a snap, and now they have an iPhone app that makes this process even easier to use in the grocery store.

Like the site, the FoodFacts app allows users to look up a health score for nearly every item in the grocery store. The scores are on a scale of 1 to 100, with a higher score indicating a healthier food. In addition to a food’s score, FoodFacts also provides you with the list of ingredients, nutrition facts and potential allergens.  From there, you can add the food to a grocery list or save it as a favorite for later reference.

The iPhone also allows you to perform a general search using a filter for ingredients you may wish to avoid, like dairy, gluten, sugars or trans-fat. This allows you to find products you can have, without reading through many different nutrition panels. Users have the option of searching individual products by typing in their names or by scanning the bar code. You can also create a personalized profile that helps the app to remember what ingredients you wish to avoid.

I can see this app being useful to people with a number of different health needs. It’s great for anyone with one or more food allergies, but it also helps users to avoid other ingredients that may be problematic. For example, a diabetic could use the “sugar” filter while someone trying to lower their blood pressure could avoid products with added salt.

One last note — There are several “Food Facts” apps in the iTunes app store, one of which is a bewildering set of food trivia. Be sure to search for the “” app for the product reviewed here, or simply hit the link below.

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