Eat Healthy When Studying Abroad

This summer many college students will find themselves taking it less easy than their peers, as they partake in summer study abroad trips. This means they’ll spend their three-month vacation from hitting the books, doing just that, hitting the books but in a much more exotic location than their own campus here in the States. It’s an incredible opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture, study at a foreign university, and enjoy a little R&R somewhere other than their neighborhood pool.

Kelsey Murray, a student blogger at, is studying abroad this summer in Spain. An advertising student from the University of Oklahoma, Kelsey is journaling her experience by sharing it with the site’s readers and offering up her first-hand advice for studying abroad.

This week, she touched on the idea of maintaining healthy eating habits while abroad.

Stating that college student favorites like Taco Bell aren’t available like they are at home, Kelsey says food is one of the hardest adjustments when studying abroad. In Spain she’s fortunate that the culture tends to follow a Mediterranean diet, full of fresh fish and vegetables. It’s also a much more active lifestyle with the community being pedestrian friendly; she has a 30-minute walking commute to class four times each day.

Her tips for eating healthy when abroad are:

1.    Portion control.
2.    Walk whenever you can, as long as it is safe.
3.    Avoid unnecessary condiments.
4.    Eat slowly and concentrate on absorbing the culture around you.

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