Dr. Steve Parker discusses his book, The Advanced Mediterranean Diet

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I spoke with Dr. Steve Parker, author of The Advanced Mediterranean Diet. His new book shares the traditional ideals of the popular Mediterranean-style diet, but he expands on it by making it appropriate for weight loss.the advanced mediterranean diet

“To lose weight, most people are going to have to cut down on their caloric consumption. I adapted it to weight loss by limiting the calories,” explains Dr. Parker. “I tried to emulate the traditional Mediterranean diet to retain the health benefits. The result is my program, ‘The Advanced Mediterranean Diet’.”

Dr. Parker has more than 25 years experience as a physician, specializing in weight loss. He began doing his own research to better understand all of the diets, to offer his patients a better understanding of how they should be eating in order to lose weight. “The answer for me was the Mediterranean diet. There’s lots of clinical studies that support the health benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet. Specific benefits are prolonging life span, reducing rates of chronic disease, specifically certain cancers, cardiovascular disease like heart attacks and even dementia,” says Parker. Most recently, reports were shared explaining its ability to reduce the risk of diabetes.

He says that the “real key” to keeping off weight you’ve lost is by not just dieting, but changing your lifestyle. Dr. Parker says you have to change your relationship with food, and you have to exercise, even if it’s just a brisk walk most days of the week. The Advanced Mediterranean Diet fits that model.

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For more information, read The Advanced Mediterranean Diet review, and enjoy the complete interview with Dr. Steve Parker. He also maintains a blog with more details.

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