Be a Happy and Healthy Bride on Your Wedding Day

by Kelsey Murray

Spring and summer are possibly the most popular times for a wedding. Unfortunately for many brides, along with the wedding comes a boat load of stress to look “perfect” on their big day. Sadly, this quest for perfection can be very hard on a bride’s health. Crash dieting is often the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions a bride’s preparation for her wedding.

Aside from drastic weight loss, there are many other things that brides often do in preparation that can be unhealthy or harmful to her health. Here are some tips for avoiding some common practices that brides-to-be might not realize are putting their health in danger.

Choose your makeup carefully. Some makeup contains ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. Some symptoms might include skin redness, dryness, and itchiness. Look for makeup that is fragrance-free or made for sensitive skin and do not change makeup brands right before a big event because you do not know how your skin might react to it. If you are having your makeup done professionally, ask the makeup artist which makeup he or she uses and make sure that it will not cause you to have a reaction.

Don’t forget about those eight hours. When you are stressed out from planning a wedding, your body definitely needs plenty of sleep in order to recover. By getting enough sleep each night, you are setting yourself up to be able to handle stress, plan your wedding, and reduce mood swings (a.k.a. avoid becoming a bridezilla).You are also more likely to get sick if you are sleep deprived, and nobody wants to be a sniffly, sneezy bride.

Quit smoking. I won’t harp about the health consequences of smoking cigarettes. However, did you know that there are cosmetic consequences of smoking? Smokers are more likely to have wrinkles around their mouths from puffing on that cancer-stick. They will have yellower teeth and their breath usually stinks as well. Does any woman really want to suffer from those issues on her wedding day? I don’t think so.

Eat your fruits and vegetables. As I said earlier, many women want to lose those few extra pounds before their big day. However, going on a crash diet is not the way to do it. Instead, try eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. The natural fiber in these foods will help you feel full for a longer amount of time without adding excessive calories to your diet.

Take time to relax. Although it may feel like every single detail for your wedding needs to be planned right now, that just isn’t true. In order to keep your mental health in line, take at least a few minutes each day to relax and enjoy yourself. Spend some time with your fiance, take your dog for a walk, complete a crossword puzzle, or take a long bubble-bath. Do whatever it is that helps you relax and take a few minutes each day for yourself.

A bride’s wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life, so give yourself every advantage possible by taking care of your health.

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