An Olive a Day: 5 Ways to Eat Olives

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As summer approaches, many of us switch from savory cooking to quick, cool meals. Here at Lindsay Olives, we support the philosophy of eating olives every day. These flavorful little fruits meet many dietary needs including vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and dairy free. They also contain no cholesterol. Try adding olives to your summer fare for a satisfying burst of flavor and an easy answer to snack and meal options throughout the day.

Need a few suggestions? Here are five ways to add olives into your summer diet in a day.


Olives for breakfast? Why not? Try adding a serving of medium black ripe olives to a veggie omelet. Egg whites, olives, asparagus and summery fresh tomatoes topped with a bit of feta cheese will make your first meal of the day a tasty one. Full of veggies, this meal will feel light and fresh.


If your lunch feels like it’s lacking, toss a handful of olives in for some extra texture. Mix some Italian-seasoned olives into a crisp green salad or add them to a wrap with hummus, chicken or tofu, and spinach to fill up for the afternoon ahead.


Pop a few olives into your mouth for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. Olives make a satisfying, low calorie and low sodium snack with just 25 calories per serving and 115mg of sodium (less than a slice of bread). This snack is sure to help curb those cravings for salty chips.


Need a creative solution to keep the family (or yourself) from a hunger meltdown before dinner is ready? Skewer chilled olives with cheese cubes and juicy cherry tomatoes and pass them around. This is a quick, fun and casual appetizer that will keep everyone cool and happy until dinner is on the table.


If you are in search of that missing ingredient to round out a barbecue dish or jazz up taco night, look no further than the can of olives in your pantry. Sprinkling some sliced olives over fish tacos or mixing them into burgers is a great way to surprise your guests or family with extra flavor.

Just a touch of creativity can turn one easy ingredient into a staple for your diet throughout the day or week. Olives are a great addition to almost any type of recipe, so grab a couple of cans and try working them into your meal plan. If you don’t already, you’ll soon share the philosophy of olives every day.


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