Ziplist Makes Meal Planning a Snap

Life would be simpler if we had more money and could lose a few pounds, right? If so, it just got easier. On May 22, Ziplist, the popular digital shopping list and recipe box resource, launched its free meal planner, which aims to help users get on track physically and financially.

The idea that meal planning will allow for healthy and balanced eating is widely accepted. If all meals and snacks are planned for, spontaneous drive-thru eating or impulse grocery shopping need not occur. Meal planning can ward off over eating and help one lose weight and stay on track. These same tactics keep one from over-spending and going over budget. So, why isn’t the whole world planning their meals? Often times the task seems too daunting. The new meal planning function at Ziplist claims they have the simplest way for planning a week’s or even a month’s worth of meals.

Ziplist’s meal planner has users create a meal queue, similar to Netflix is how they describe it. Users add meals to the queue that they want to make in the future, assigning dates to particular meals, so even on a busy night, a healthy five-minute meal can be planned for. Once the dates are assigned, the ingredients for the chosen meals are added to the digital shopping list. Ziplist also alerts users to recipes they may enjoy based on their preferences and informs them about money-saving coupons for particular ingredients. The steps seem simple and definitely worth a try.

The free meal planner is available through Ziplist’s website and through the free Android and iPhone apps. As the company says, “as long as you have your phone, your meal plan and shopping list are always with you.”

The app is free, is simple, and planning has been proven to aid in diets and budgets. There seem to be no good excuses left not to try this meal planner, well unless the weight loss fairy shows up tonight and I wake up to a budding money tree! In other words, I’m convinced.

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