Take the 90-Day Fitness Challenge with Amy and Phil Parham

It was just six short years ago that Amy Parham and Phil Parham had reached their version of the bottom. A struggling business, the care of an autistic child and managing their lives all while both being obese left them feeling like it was a long way up from the bottom.

“Six years ago, I was lying on my couch, gazing though an opening in the ceiling that led to the attic. My eyes slowly became fixated on a wooden beam. I began to wonder: What would it feel like if I hung myself? Could the beam support my weight?,” says Amy at the beginning of her and Phil’s new book The 90-Day Fitness Challenge.

It’s a startling realization that things weren’t always positive for these very happy Biggest Loser season six alumni. Saying that “Every day felt like hell on earth,” Amy and Phil found a little piece of heaven and things started to turn for them in 2008 when they applied for and were chosen for Biggest Loser. The two went on to lose a combined 256 pounds, and remain the record holders as the highest percentage of weight lost by any couple in the show’s nearly ten-season history.

The Parham’s say that the Biggest Loser did so much for them in helping to regain their health, lives and positive outlook that they felt compelled to share those gifts with others. That’s where The 90-Day Fitness Challenge comes from. Two weeks after returning home from their season, they threw together a fitness challenge and were shocked when more than 1,000 people from seven states arrived at the event. “We saw ourselves in them,” remarked Amy, recalling a desire to help each of them.

Listen Now as Amy and Phil discuss more of their post-Loser journey, what The 90-Day Fitness Challenge is all about, and how faith continues to play a “key role” in their lives.

Following that one-day “bootcamp” of sorts, the Parhams sent daily emails to the participants, and included tips for fitness and diet, motivation, and guidance to help them enjoy weight loss success, too. From those emails The 90-Day Fitness Challenge book was born. When the challengers regrouped 90 days later, Amy says they knew they were on to something when more than 4,000 pounds had been lost by the challengers.

What stands out about The 90-Day Fitness Challenge is rather than promote this immediate change to fitness, diet and lifestyle that all too often overwhelms people struggling with their weight, it instead offers a one-day-at-a-time solution that is approachable and feasible. Phil says that this journey is all about stair steps and taking one day and goal at a time. That’s what The Challenge does, helps people realistically make these changes a day at a time.

Phil says people are quick to ask “What do I have to do right now?” to get started and his response is to put one foot in front of the other. He says when you do one positive thing today, you can remind yourself of that and use it as encouragement to take on another tomorrow.

If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey and agree that the one-day-at-a-time, one-foot-in-front-of-the-other approach is completely manageable, it’s worth your time to pick-up The 90-Day Fitness Challenge. The book is the Parham’s way of paying it forward, and you’ll definitely reap the benefits of their experience.

Releasing June 1, get your copy of The 90-Day Fitness Challenge as well as The 90-Day Fitness Challenge DVD.

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