Somatoline Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment is a topical solution designed to reduce fatty deposits in “problem areas” like the legs, hips, thighs and waistline. This product also aims to fight signs of aging and leaves skin feeling smooth.

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment is made from a combination of ingredients thought to reduce fat deposits, such as menthol, caffeine and a blend of herbs that make up the proprietary “Bioslim Age Complex.” According to the official website, this product is meant to visibly reduce fat within a 28-day period.

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Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment Ingredients and Side Effects

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment relies on a combination of herbs, caffeine, menthol and more to reduce fat deposits through its topical solution. Here’s a look at some of the active ingredients and what users can realistically expect from this product:

Caffeine Menthol
Phyllacantha Fibrosa Extract Lotus Maritimus Extract

Caffeine: As a topical solution, caffeine is used to tighten skin and is thought to have an anti-aging effect with use. Many cosmetic products rely on caffeine for its anti-inflammatory properties, which are thought to reduce cellulite for a visibly slimmer look.

Menthol: Menthol, when used as a topical agent is meant to evoke a cooling sensation that numbs minor muscle or joint pain. Menthol doesn’t necessarily reduce inflammation, but it can alleviate pain or warmth associated with inflamed part s of the body.

Phyllacantha Fibrosa Extract: An algae extracted for its use in a number of cosmetic products, this ingredient is thought to reduce the volumetric measurements of areas like the stomach or thighs where fat tends to gather.

Lotus Maritimus Extract: Lotus maritimus, also known as sea lotus, is used in a number of cosmetic creams for its ability to breakdown fat, especially when combined with caffeine — smoothing away cellulite.

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Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment Quality of Ingredients

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment does not have an official label posted anywhere online, allowing us to know for certain what, exactly this product contains. The Somatoline website features a list of ingredients used in the formula, though we can’t be entirely certain that this list is up to date or accurate.

Based on the ingredient the site lists, there are some components that might have an effect on the skin’s appearance, but we couldn’t find any definitive information that backs the the idea that a lotion could potentially slim down so-called “problem areas” on the body.

While we understand there are frustrations that arise along with weight gain during menopause, we aren’t completely sold on the idea that a lotion can help people drop fat in the areas giving them the most trouble—this is wishful thinking and consumers should talk to a doctor if they have concerns regarding weight gain—menopausal or otherwise.

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The Price and Quality of Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment is a bit hard to find for sale. This product is made by an Italian company that offer a whole line of slimming treatments, many of which are available for sale on Amazon or other online channels, though at this point in time Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment only appears to be available from third party sellers on Amazon (selling the product with foreign labels), as well as from eBay.

Unfortunately, the official site does not appear to sell this product direct to consumers, nor do they provide any information as to where customers can buy it.

The sellers on Amazon are offering this product at a couple different price points–$49.50 for a bottle containing 250mL, $46.18 for a bottle containing 150mL, as well as another offering this product at $150 per 300mL container.

Because the pricing is all over the place, and there’s no information as to what the suggested retail is, it’s hard to get a sense of whether this product is a good value.

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Business of Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment

Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment is part of a line of products also known as Somatoline, which are owned by a US-based company called The Bolton Group. They have opted to not include contact information on the Somatoline site, nor their own website.

The official Somatoline website is fairly sparse, featuring a short description for each product in their line of slimming lotions, each designed for a specific target area, or in the case of Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment, a stage in life.

The site lists the active ingredients and answers a few frequently asked questions, but there’s something to be desired on the part of consumers who likely want more information in regards to both how this product aims to address weight loss concerns specific to menopause, as well as how a lotion can simulate the effects of a liposuction treatment as mentioned on the site.

Additionally, the people in charge of the web content for Somatoline products have not provided consumers with any easy way of ordering these items—there’s no store locator or mention of where they can be found, and consumers don’t have the option of placing an order online.

Customer Opinions of Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment

Reviews discussing the use of Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment were few and far between, which could be due to the fact that this product does not appear to be widely available in the US in any of the major online retailers that provide platforms for product reviews.

We were able to find a few reviews here and there, which lead us to believe this product has mixed results. Granted, we’re working with a very small sample size, but here’s a look at what people had to say:

“I had a terrible allergic reaction after using this product. My skin became, red, hot and inflamed and I had to take an anti-inflammatory to get my skin to finally calm down. I do not recommend this at all.”

“I started using this product a couple weeks ago, and have yet to see any results. The package says it may take up to 28 days, so I’m going to wait and see if anything happens.”

“Complete marketing hype. This product claims to help you lose inches, and all it does is leave a cool, tingling sensation, which I can venture to guess aims at tricking you into thinking it’s doing something.”

Somatonline Menopause Slimming Treatment did not have enough reviews available to provide sufficient evidence that a lotion can, in fact, help users lose inches in areas like the stomach, hips or thighs, as advertised. Nor did it provide enough evidence that demonstrated its efficacy as a product that is designed for menopausal women.

Based on the reviews, we simply cannot recommend this product for its intended use, it may well be a good skin cream, but the claims suggest it does a lot more than we think is possible.

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Conclusion – DoesSomatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment Work?

After looking at the full breadth of information about Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment, we simply don’t think this is a worthwhile investment for women going through menopause.

While this product likely won’t cause any harm, we feel that the claims are overblown, and the company has done little to convince us otherwise.

First of all, Somatoline Menopause Slimming Treatment does not contain any ingredients known to be effective in balancing hormone levels or reducing the frequency or severity of hot flashes or night sweats—we’re not sure if the menthol is the secret ingredient here, but adding a cool gel to the situation does not equate to a long term solution.

First, the weight gain that comes along with menopause is caused by a decline in estrogen levels—and while it might be difficult to lose weight at this point in life, potential consumers may be better off looking for a hormone balancing solution and discussing weight loss opportunities with their doctor, rather than trying to reduce fat through the use of a lotion.

In looking at the full scope of menopause products on the market, we’ve found that Femmetrinol is the best product for helping women balance their hormones through a blend of safe and effective herbal ingredients.

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