Shaq Stays Fit with the ShaqLyte Diet

shaqlyte-dietWhat is this world coming to when 7′ feet, 1″ basketball great Shaquille O’Neal is on a diet? I mean, isn’t this guy the Michael Phelps of the basketball court?

With the 2009 season at a close for Shaq’s Phoenix Suns, this 325-pound athlete is determined to maintain his weight or maybe even better, lose a few pounds during the off season with the help of registered dietitian Joy Bauer. Criticized for having his bulk slow him down on the court, Shaq is ready to start preparing for the pre-season in his off-season.

Bauer created a low-carb, high protein and low-fat diet that Shaq dubbed The ShaqLyte diet in his effort (and his own words) to get into “Super Model shape.” We’re not exactly sure what he means by looking like a super model but I also can’t envision that we’ll be seeing  Shaq strut down the cat-walk in a pair of skinny Balenciaga jodpher trousers.

The ShaqLyte Diet is much like other diets that shuns starchy carbs, sugars and fatty foods and instead replaces them with leafy greens, lean protein, low glycemic fruits and well-timed whole grains like fiber-rich cereals in the morning. Exercise, vitamins and fish oil supplements are also part of the daily regimen.

Here is a complete review of the ShaqLyte Diet.

As someone who is under five-feet tall, I have always felt that those who are taller, even if just by a mere four inches let alone two-feet taller, have it made when it comes to eating what they want, then anyone can. But perhaps I need to rethink my judgement and realize that for majority of  the human race, from the vertically-challenged to the non-vertically-challenged, maintaining a healthy weight is a day-to-day, lifelong process. I never thought that I, at 4′ 10.5″ tall I would ever have anything in common with Shaquille O’Neal. Until now.

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