Self Magazine’s Workout in the Park 2009 Schedule

Self Magazine’s annual Workout in the Park event is a great way to get outside and kick-off Spring, if you haven’t already. This is the 16th year for the fitness event, which encourages women to join together in a large park and spend the day working out in expert-lead fitness and workout groups that are fun, enthusiastic and engaging.self-workout-in-the-park

We had the pleasure of attending the 2008 Self Workout in the Park in New York City. Last year, Jillian Michaels was featured at the Central Park event, and while she didn’t lead any of the sessions, her presence was enough to make everyone drop and give her 20!

The 2009 schedule of events, and Jillian’s exclusive event, are as follows:

  • San Diego – April 25
  • New York City – May 9 – Rumsey Playfield
  • Chicago – May 16 – Butler Field, Grant Park featuring Jillian Michaels

Tickets this year are priced for the down economy, at just $15 a piece. That gives you access to all of the day’s events, plus a one-year subscription to SELF Magazine.

There are three sessions during each hour of the five-hour event, so there’s plenty to keep your motivated and moving. You can try yoga, pilates, resistance training, work toward your beach body or any number of other activities.

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