Richard Simmons on The Doctors with 13 Secrets to Get Thin

Friday’s episode of The Doctors will potentially be the most energized segment in daytime television history. Fitness legend Richard Simmons will be bringing his one-of-a-kind aerobic exercises to the cast, audience, and viewers at home. Simmons plans to reveal 13 secrets to get thin by summer.

Good thing laughing burns calories too as the previews for Friday’s episode display images of the docs in stitches as Simmons pumps up the audience in a style only he could bring to an exercise routine. While the docs and the audience get in on the good, aerobic time, Simmons also brings a dose of seriousness. Simmons will help one dangerously overweight audience member find the motivation to begin exercise and lose weight.

This installment of The Doctors will be memorable, for sure. Until then, a few of Simmons’ 13 secrets are being revealed so we all can get a head start on our plan to get thin by summer.

1. Can’t afford a gym membership? Simmons suggest exercising at home with items you already have. Use tights or stockings like resistance bands to work the shoulders, biceps, and upper back. Simmons also suggests paper plate push ups. By using a paper plate under your hands, you can adjust the distance between your hand in between each push up for a more intense workout.

2. Lie to you restaurant server. Yep, that’s right. Simmons says to “fake a butter allergy.” By telling your server this, the chefs are more likely to honor your request and keep hundreds of unwanted calories and fat off your plate while dining out.

3. Text a friend. Simmons suggest you ditch the food diary and create a “text accountability system.” By texting a friend what you have eaten each day, your chances of staying on track are higher.

4. Get off the mouse wheel and add excitement to your exercise. Since running nowhere on a treadmill could make anyone give up exercise, Simmons says to switch things up and take on a challenge, like a water resistance course. Dr. Jim Sears even gets in on this challenge and shows the audience how a water bootcamp can burn up to 600 calories an hour. These classes are zero impact, so even those with serious joint pain can feel the burn.

Richard Simmons will appear on The Doctors this Friday, May 25, 2012 on NBC.

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