Kitchit Offers an In-Home Dining Experience Like No Other

An intriguing food-service company called Kitchit just opened its third location. Kitchit offers diners the opportunity to have tailored meals prepared and served in their own homes by high-end and even celebrity chefs.

As an alternative to paying the high overhead at some of the nation’s top restaurants, Kitchit comes to you, offering a unique dining experience. The services include custom dinners, lunches, brunches, cocktail parties, and even picnics and barbecues. All meals are prepared and served in the home and the chefs do all the shopping and cooking. I wonder if they clean up as well?

Customers set their prices, starting at $40 a person per meal. Beverages, including wine, are additional costs. Servers and flowers can be offered at an extra cost, too. Once the a date is set, the customer then chooses the available chef and the event begins to take shape. The host works with the cook to determine the menu, and Kitchit has designed a concierge service to work out all of the other details.

This creative concept was the brainchild of three partners and entrepreneurs, Brendan Marshall, Ian Ferguson, and George Tang. Together, the trio has been running over 100 Kitchit events a month. They are taking on more top chefs as they expand into three different cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Some of the celebrity chefs currently available to customers are Dan Kluger of ABC Kitchen, Floyd Cardoz of North End Grill, and Marcel Vigneron, who was the runner up on Top Chef and the host of Modern Global Tasting, Inc.

“We see this as mainly an alternative to dining out with friends in a restaurant,” Marshall said. “You do not have to pay for the restaurant’s overhead or their mark-up on wines.”

The extravagance of a Kitchit event can be very modest or quite elaborate, Marshall explains how the service can suit any diner’s desire from a fairly simple three course meal to a $7,000 tasting menu just for two. As Marshall simply put it, “the sky’s the limit.”

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photo from kitchit website

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