Kelly Clarkson Loses 20 Pounds and Gains a New Boyfriend

Singer Kelly Clarkson, brought to stardom by winning “American Idol,” is once again the subject of celebrity gossip because of her recent weight loss. The 30-year-old recently appeared at the Billboard Music Awards showing off a new, trim figure. Clarkson credits her trainer for helping her slim down about 20 pounds. She says her trainer makes exercise fun, and they schedule a variety of activities, like hiking, to keep things interesting. Clarkson calls her “Chuck Nora” because of her hardcore, G.I.-Jane-like persona. She also said she has been eating healthier to help shed weight. Overall, though, Clarkson says that she exercises as a stress reliever.

New events in the singer’s life have prompted her most recent exercise and diet regimen. She recently began dating Brandon Blackstock, Reba McIntire’s stepson, and says that spurred her desire to be healthier. In an interview, she said she likes being toned when she is in a relationship. In fact, they use the same trainer – but they don’t work out together. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “We did that once and I didn’t like huffing and puffing. I didn’t like looking all red and gross.” She is also beginning a new reality TV show, “Duets,” which will feature her singing on stage every week along with an amateur singer.

This is not the first time Clarkson’s weight has been subjected to public scrutiny. In 2009, she was on the cover of “Self” magazine, and in their article said that her “happy weight” changes – sometimes she eats more; sometimes her daily schedule includes more exercising. Back then her exercise regimen included golf and Crossfit workouts, a core strength and conditioning program. Perhaps ironically, Clarkson’s photo on the cover was significantly edited to give her a more pleasing appearance. Self magazine later defended the touchup, saying her “amazing spirit” was what they were attempting to convey.

In 2011, after the release of her album “Stronger,” Clarkson’s weight gain once again had the spotlight. Her appearance at the 2012 Super Bowl added to the talking, with the fashion website Stylejacking calling her tight dress at the event unflattering because of her “curvy figure and chunky legs.”

Throughout it all, Clarkson seems unfazed by the media inquiries into her weight fluctuations. It may be one reason why fans relate to her, because she is comfortable in her own skin.

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