VIDEO: Jeremy Britt Wins Biggest Loser Season 13

He wasn’t supposed to be standing on that finale stage. But Jeremy Britt knew all along he was. And not only was he one of three final competitors last night, but he won the whole thing and walked out more than 51 percent thinner and $250,000 richer.

We were live on the finale stage moments after confetti fell. Watch our interview with Biggest Loser 13’s winner now, with Courtney Crozier.


Jeremy’s starting weight was 389 pounds; at just shy of 400 pounds he was one of the season’s heaviest contestants and at 22 years old one of the youngest. He was not afraid of the hard work that was demanded of him. In fact, he won several challenges but usually gave the prizes to his sister (and fellow finalist) Conda.

Sitting in the audience, we knew we were looking at a winner when Jeremy strutted on to the stage in a fitted suit and hot pink collared shirt. Winners of the show usually have to get to about a 50 percent total loss to win, and Jeremy surged past that with a 51.16 percent total loss over the course of seven months. Nothing but hard work and dedication, as Dolvett is often heard saying.

That weight loss meant Jeremy was down 199 pounds, for a finale weight of 190 pounds. He looked incredible, and will no doubt help him in his flirtatious pursuits, something Jeremy became known for this season!

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