Interview with Michael Ventrella – Biggest Loser Winner

Biggest Loser winner, Michael Ventrella

Biggest Loser season 9 has come to an end and what an end it was! This season marked the heaviest cast in Biggest Loser history. Just crowned the Biggest Loser, Michael Ventrella lost an astonishing 264 pounds, beating out some equally impressive big losers, like Daris George, Koli Palu and runner-up, Ashley Johnston.

“I surpassed my wildest dreams,” says Michael of his Biggest Loser success.

And Michael believes that his success will have  rippling effects on not just  on his life but his family’s as well.

“My mom and I did this together. We intend to share our new healthy lives with our other family members because that is just how we work together as a family: we share what is valuable to us.”

Listen here as Michael talks about how he plans on moving forward with his healthy lifestyle at home.

His biggest challenge at home is not so much about keeping up with his exercise and diet habits, but rather it is having those who know him understand what he is going through and how his commitment to his health has completely changed his life.

He intends to meet this challenge head-on by incorporating his active lifestyle in every aspect of his life, including spending time with friends. Working out with buddies, taking bike rides with friends, cooking healthy meals are all ways he plans to let his those around him that when it comes to his new life, he is serious, determined and dedicated.

He also plans on taking his Biggest Loser earnings and getting out of debt.

“I lost weight and therefore I’m cleaning and lightening up all areas of my life,” says Michael.

In regards to his love-life though, the Chicago native is shelving the idea of looking for “the one” until he can learn how to love himself first, something that he has never before been able to do. 

“I want to ride a roller coaster and be a kid for this first time in 31 years. In fact, my waist is smaller now than it was when I was a kid.”

When it comes to his at-home routine, he takes a cue from Jillian and Bob avoids using the word diet and instead focuses on lifestyle eating. He considers himself a fool if he doesn’t take all that he has learned and experienced, in relation to eating clean, eating organic and using food as fuel for his active body, to toss it all away and regress to his old ways.

He also plans on incorporating more strength training into his at-home workout routine and rely less on all the cardio he was doing while on the Biggest Loser Ranch.

“My weight may go up as a result as I lose fat and gain muscle but I’m so excited about adding muscle to my arms and legs and to see just how far I can exercise to push my body to be as healthy as it can be. “

Congratulations Michael!

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