Femmenessence MacaLife Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Femmenessence MacaLife supplement for women going through perimenopause. Femmenessence MacaLife is designed to treat hot flashes, night sweats and more—all while still having a period.

Femmenessence MacaLife doesn’t actually add hormones to your body, but it does work to balance them out. As suggested by the name, this product relies almost exclusively on the use of maca to deliver relief from mood swings, night sweats and more.

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Femmenessence MacaLife Ingredients and Side Effects

Femmenessence MacaLife appears to only contain one active ingredient, you guessed it, maca root extract. We were unable to track down an official nutritional label, so there’s a chance other ingredients may be present without our knowledge. Here is a look at what makes up the formula of Femmenessence MacaLife:

Organic Maca Concentrate

Organic Maca Concentrate: Maca is a root plant grown in Peru, atop the plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It is related to the radish and has long been used for medicinal purposes, treating everything from low libido and anemia, to erectile dysfunction, fertility, energy levels, menstrual issues and immune health.

While most often used as a superfood for energy and immunity, maca is thought to also help with menopausal symptoms—though some varieties of the root may work better than others. Royal maca, for example is thought to have a positive effect on female hormone levels, treating mood swings, hot flashes and more.

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Femmenessence MacaLife Quality of Ingredients

Femmenessence MacaLife is made with one active ingredient, maca. Maca offers such a broad range of benefits from increased endurance to providing key trace minerals and even helping with things like libido and fertility.

The official product page for Femmenessence MacaLife mentions that this product uses a specific type of maca, but never mentions what this is. There is some evidence that Royal Maca may help with menopause issues, but regular maca likely won’t do much. We don’t ever get to see a product label or know if there are other items present in the formulation, either.

We’re not totally convinced that maca is the most effective menopause solution on the market. There’s little information readily available outside of the Femmessence line of products. Maca is used for all kinds of conditions, and, yes it could have an effect on some users, but Femmenessence MacaLife doesn’t seem to yield the consistent results needed to back the use of this product as a reliable perimenopause solution.

The Femmenessence website features a graph that lays out the various herbs used to help with the more common symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. While all of them may not work for every symptom, we don’t know why, exactly, this supplement would forgo adding some “insurance” to the product—i.e. adding wild yam, soy or black cohosh in the mix along with the maca.

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The Price and Quality of Femmenessence MacaLife

Femmenessence MacaLife may be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website for $34.99 for a one-month supply or it can be purchased in person from a number of stores. Whole Foods, CVS, Sprouts and more all sell this product in their brick and mortar locations.

This product is also available for sale on Amazon for $36.99 a box, with Prime shipping.

It’s hard to know if this product is a good value. The website mentions multiple times that this is a “special” patented maca extract, but they never say which variety it is. A bit of clarity on the part of the manufacturer would help us better get a sense of whether or not it’s worth the price, as maca can often be found for a much lower price.

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Business of Femmenessence MacaLife

Femmenessence MacaLife is made by a company that also goes by the name Natural Health International. Here are their contact details, as per the official webpage:

Phone: 415-243-9991

Email: medical.team@naturalhi.com

The official website is dedicated to the full line of Femmenessence products, which address hormonal balance at various stages in a woman’s life. This company makes products for peri- and post-menopause, as well as other for menstrual health and fertility.

The website looks reasonably nice and contains a lot of information on each product page. It’s honestly a bit hard to read, as users are presented with graphs and a wall of text. While this may not keep most consumers on the page, those who truly want to learn more about this product and the specific maca they use to make it may find some of this information quite useful.

In general, there’s some interesting information about the use of maca in helping women deal with perimenopause, but it still doesn’t do a whole lot tom convince us that users should purchase this product rather than just buying maca from a natural foods seller, or that Femmenessence MacaLife is better than a product containing a broader range of supportive herbs known for their ability to naturally regulate hormone levels with use.

Customer Opinions of Femmenessence MacaLife

Femmenessence MacaLife has fairly mixed feedback from people who have used this in the past. Consumers offered a range of experiences claiming this worked really well, to some who said it took a long time to work or that it never ended up doing much for their symptoms. Here is a brief look at some of the reviews left online:

“I will say that this has helped with hot flashes over the past several months, and night sweats have lessened, too. I wish this would help with my hormonal migraines, but I guess I’ll keep using.”

“I don’t think this is for me. I have hot flashes here and there, but was mainly worried about hair loss. Over the course of 9 or 10 weeks, I felt like more and more hair was falling out, and I had to stop taking.”

“I was initially angry that this product did not work. However, I stuck it out for a few more weeks, and I’m glad I was patient. I haven’t had night sweats in a couple months and am still symptom-free.”

“I really wanted this product to work for me, but it was pretty disappointing. After using this twice daily for a year, I had no measurable changes in my hormone levels or cortisol production.”

Femmenessence MacaLife does seem to consistently reduce hot flashes and night sweats in people who gave this proper time to start working.

This product is meant for women dealing with perimenopause, meaning it tries to cover differing levels of hormone imbalance and treat women with moderate or severe symptoms with the same formula.

Based on the comments, it’s clear some people did find this useful, especially with the physical symptoms, but it’s clear Femmenessence MacaLife isn’t everyone.

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Conclusion – Does Femmenessence MacaLife Work?

After looking over the Femmenessence MacaLife formulation, the website and the customer reviews, we’re not sure we’d recommend this product to people looking for a comprehensive menopause solution.

First, this product is designed exclusively for perimenopause, which may require a different support system for users than traditional menopause supplements. Yes, it aims to address many of the same symptoms, but according to the website, other maca powders (like the one Femmenessence uses in their MacaPause menopause formula), may make them worse.

We also found that the reviews for this product really weren’t all that great, and seemed all over the place as far as user experiences were concerned. Yes, some people found this to be helpful and effective, but many others found no change or that this product affected their condition negatively.

Finally, we just aren’t entirely sure that Femmenessence MacaLife can do enough to provide users with the support needed to take on the schizophrenic symptoms associated with perimenopause. Maca is a really interesting ingredient with a number of health benefits, so users will likely get something out of this supplement, but menopausal women are better off looking for something with more demonstrated results.

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