Everyone Wins When the Entire Family Prioritizes Health

When I first started Live Big With Ali Vincent I met Carmen Martinez who wrote into me asking for help. Originally I was just going to spend the day with her and her family to give them some pointers, cook a little, move a little and then part ways. After talking to Carmen and then seeing wow her family reacted to her getting real with her feelings about how she felt, I knew this probably wasn’t going to be the case, I fell in love with the family.

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I went to the farmers market with the whole family. The kids got to see a variety of new fruits and vegetables and pick out what to get as we talked about the different ways they could prepare each and help their mom out. The girls were thrilled at the idea of helping, and I believe this is where their family turned the corner. For so long Carmen was trying to do everything on her own; by doing this she took away the opportunities for her family to give to her. The Martinezes have not only gone from always having mom watching what she was eating (aka dieting), to planning, cooking and eating healthy food together. They were all getting results and dropping weight where weight needed to be lost.

I wanted to reward them as well as push then to that next level of working together as a family on the road to living a life of health and fitness. So I challenged them to an all-in-one family weight loss challenge.

Tune in this week to Live Big With Ali Vincent to see if the Martinez family reaches their family challenge and gets to enjoy the AMAZING surprise reward I have planned for them or NOT! Also, you’ll love what I came up with for Kristine, the youngest daughter, to participate and contribute to the family goal without having that to lose weight.

Let’s talk about getting the whole family involved in being healthy. I have heard it from hundreds of women how they prepare themselves one thing when they are trying to lose weight and then something else for the rest of the family. When I hear this I want to cringe! I get it, I’m not a mom…yet. But I have had many conversations with moms who are able to change their diet around to lose unwanted weight while not pulling double duty in the kitchen. So what is the secret? Get the family involved!

It’s appropriate that families are on my mind since I am spending this Mother’s Day weekend at a Disney Social Media Moms conference. I love these women because they are getting it all done together, through sharing what works for them online. And I plan on being a sponge this weekend to learn as much as I can for all of you as well as for my own future.

Until next week-
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