Child-Proof Your Life to Avoid Temptation in Weight Loss

The biggest enemy of a healthy lifestyle is one that many of us fight on a daily basis. Often we lose this battle, but because our desire for a long, healthy life fulfilled through love, laughter and action, we are bound to win the war. This enemy is TEMPTATION!

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Temptation is an enemy we cannot deny. I know that every time I fall off course, I’ve allowed something to tempt me, whether it’s an extra glass of wine, a sweet I haven’t accounted for, or skipping a workout. Once I allow the temptation, it becomes easier and more acceptable to repeat until there is no longer a course to fall off of.

When I first returned home from The Biggest Loser campus I was very diligent about what I call “child-proofing” my life. I made sure to remove temptation from my life because I knew I was not strong enough to resist.  When we embark on creating new habits it’s paramount that we cushion our environment for a fall; that way we don’t do too much damage. One thing I know for sure is that, in learning new things, we will fail. Failure will make us stronger if we choose to learn from our mistakes.

I say, “child-proof” your life because it reminds me of how parents protect little ones who are starting to crawl and learning to walk. I was just like that when I first returned home. I was learning, so I protected myself by covering the sharp corners, locking the cabinets, and putting plugs in the outlets. Well, not really, but I did have conversations with friends and family about how they could support me. I also removed all the unhealthy foods from my house and replaced them with better options. I got the class schedule from my local gym and set up an appointment with a trainer. I “child-proofed” my life.

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, airing on the Live Well Network, I’m taking you home with me to share some of the ways I continue to protect myself from temptation. I also share fun ways I spend time with my friends and family.

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