Carrie Fisher Drops 30 Pounds with Jenny Craig Diet

Photo: Star Wars Wikia

It’s been nearly 35 years since Carrie Fisher first made the hearts of science fiction nerds all around the world skip a beat as Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. But even a Princess can’t stop the sands of time and the weight loss difficulties that come with aging.

Since last November, Fisher has been endorsing the Jenny Craig diet and has apparently been reaping the diet’s benefits – she has reportedly lost 30 pounds.

“I feel much better,” Fisher, 54, tells People. “My blood pressure is down.”

Back in her Star Wars heyday, Fisher was a very petite 105 pounds, but like anyone else who goes on to live a sedentary lifestyle, the pounds began to pile on.

Last year Fisher decided to go public with her weight issues. In her autobiography, Fisher reveals that she has suffered from bipolar disorder and drug issues. However, it wasn’t until she went on tour to perform her autobiographical play entitled “Wishful Drinking” in 2009 that her weight started to go up.

“I went on the road with the show and I did not exercise for three years and I just ate horribly,” says Carrie.

“My ritual was drinking regular soda and having pounds of peanut-butter protein bars.”

There’s no magic hocus-pocus explanation to how she lost weight. It’s basically common sense weight loss strategies: portion control and moderate exercise.

Her success has obviously increased her focus and self-esteem. Fisher says that she would like to lose another 20 pounds.

While she has received acclaim in her own right, Carrie is also known for her famous parents, 50s singer Eddie Fisher and actress Debbie Reynolds.

(via: Celebrity Health & Fitness)

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