Cadence App ‘Keeps the Beat’ for Cardio

The difference between just going through the motions at the gym or in your daily run or walk may just come down to some inspiring music. We’re all inspired by different kinds of music, but sometimes what we can all use is a beat that syncs with our steps.

If we’re in step with the rhythm, it can help keep us motivated. Why do you think drill sergeants have sung songs to the recruits in their morning runs for all those years?

Pretty much, if you can dream it up, there’s the technological ability to invent it. In this case, it’s all about the cadence.

Cadence is an app made by TrekoClinics, which you can download at Apple’s iTunes store for just $4.99, and works with all iPhones and the iPod Touch. With Cadence, you can scan your music library on your iPhone or iPod, and filter them by a certain BPM rate (beats per minute).

If you have a certain pace that works best for you in your cardio routine, figure out what the BPM rate is, and start filtering songs. One nice feature with Cadence is that it comes with a “tolerance” feature which allows you to open up the filtering process to allow songs in that are slightly faster or slower than your preferred BPM. You can also filter songs from your mobile device or a desktop or laptop computer.

Remember, you can change your BPM preference as you change your pace, and Cadence will adjust its filtering accordingly.

For more information on this fun and very affordable workout app, go to the Cadence website.

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