Brooke Birmingham’s Swimsuit Photo to Land in Shape Magazine Afterall

It’s a happy ending for all involved in the controversial story of the week. After Brooke Birmingham’s swimsuit photo was mistakenly declined for publication by a freelance writer at Shape Magazine, she turned to her blog,, to tell the tale.

During the past several days, her story fanned the flames of an on-going and necessary conversation in this country about body image and self love. This morning, we were glad to learn that she and the editors at Shape Magazine were able to connect, clarify the confusion, and get Brooke the photo shoot she and her 170-pound weight loss story so deserve!

“My intention was to start a conversation, but I had no idea it would come to this,” Brooke told Savannah Guthrie. “[The picture was] important to me because that is my body and I felt like I needed to put it out there to show people what a real weight loss looks like.”

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brookenotonadietAnd we couldn’t agree more! The after photo is just as important as the after story, and it demands to be shared. More people need to see it and hear it, whether to be comfortable in their own new skin or to motivate them to take the steps toward their own journey.

“I love the way I look in a bikini, I want to show women it’s OK to wear it,” exclaimed Brooke. We’re so glad she dared to bare!

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Shape’s editor-at-large, Bahar Takhtehchian said, “This is an amazing opportunity…to feature Brooke and five other real women inside the pages of Shape Magazine. [It’s a] larger discussion about what happens after you lose a significant amount of weight. There’s a journey after the weight loss.”


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