Ancient Humans Ate Grass Based Diet

Some new discoveries about ancient humans shows that grass was the base of their diet instead of nuts, as previously believed.

The oldest set of human remains that scientists study is nicknamed the Nutcracker Man, and an examination of his teeth revealed that he ate a diet that was mostly grass plant based. There have been countless diets that follow the same principles, such as the Caveman Diet and the Paleo Diet, which base eating habits on those that were followed many years ago by humans.

Diets like the Caveman Diet and the Paleolithic Diet focus on the idea that if a food wasn’t available to ancient humans, you shouldn’t eat it. This eliminates a lot of unhealthy and processed foods that we’ve grown used to eating like bread, bleached flour, refined sugars, processed oils and anything that came after the development of agriculture.

Some of the foods that are allowed on these types of diets are meat, fish, poultry, fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots. In light of the new information about humans eating a diet rich in grass-type plants, some revisions may be made to the Caveman Diet and the Paleolithic Diet. Although grass is widely available, it’s doubtful that eating more grass will be a recommendation, yet, with all of the fad diets we see coming forward, there could be someone out there that will take this information and run with it. If that is the case, be on the lookout for a new diet rich in grass, dandelions and weeds.

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