A Disco Gym Playlist in Honor of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb

The music world took a hit this last week. The Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, lost her battle with cancer last Thursday at age 63. Shortly behind her was Robin Gibb, singer for the iconic 1970’s group The Bee Gees. Gibb lost his lengthy battle with cancer on Sunday.

These two were legendary symbols of the 1970s and the disco era. They will be missed, and far from forgotten.

As I was warming up for my workout this morning, the iPod was on shuffle. Before I rounded the corner, “Stayin’ Alive” came on. That song has remained on my playlist for years. There’s no denying a good song, regardless if the era it came from had men in bell bottoms and ladies in lots and lots of blue eye shadow.

I’m never too proud to workout to disco and you shouldn’t be either. I was never around for disco to be alive, but it’s always been one of my guiltiest pleasures while working out.

1.  I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor – 1978
2.  Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees – 1977
3.  Hot Stuff – Donna Summer – 1979
4.  I Feel Love – Donna Summer – 1977
5.  Night Fever – Bee Gees – 1977
6.  Last Dance – Donna Summer – 1978
7.  Funky Town – Lipps Inc. – 1979
8.  I’m So Excited – Pointer Sisters – 1982
9.  That’s The Way I Like It – K.C. & the Sunshine Band – 1975
10. We Are Family – Sister Sledge – 1979
11. Jive Talkin’- Bee Gees- 1975

Treat yourself and honor the late, great, Donna Summer and Robin Gibb with this Disco Gym Playlist, and put a little boogie back in your workout this week! For something more current, try this summer-inspired playlist.

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