50 Cent Sheds 54 Pounds

50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, the well known rapper and actor from “Get Rich or Die Tryin” released new images of himself on his twitter account that show him extremely slimmed down and almost unrecognizable. His previous weight was 214 pounds and he now clocks in at 160 pounds, netting a 54 pound loss for the rapper.

No need for concerns, he was slimming down for a role in a new movie titled “Things Fall Apart”, which features him as a football star diagnosed with cancer. In order to achieve the extreme weight loss he apparently spent 3 hour sessions on his treadmill daily and changed his diet to be liquid-only for nine weeks.

With filming complete the star is going back on tour and couldn’t be happier to eat and bulk up as he stated “I was starving.” For details on his tour schedule you can find out more here.

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