5 Mother’s Day Gifts that Benefit the Giver and Recipient

If you are fortunate to have a mama, a kind and generous stepmother, or a friend or neighbor you love and adore like a mom, you will most likely want to spoil her with a special treat or favor this Mother’s Day. Thankfully, Valentine’s Day chocolates are no longer gracing the shelves this month, so you can steer clear of tempting your mom with diet sabotaging junk food. To add to the splendor of giving, you can even find something to give that gives back to you in a healthy and satisfying kind of way.

The following are five things you can give, or do, that will not only be well received by your “mom,” they will also healthfully benefit you in return.

Mow the lawn

However dull and boring this Mother’s Day gift idea may sound, a fresh cut yard is food for the soul. Your mom may be spending all of her waking hours planting flowers and preparing the garden, so having help with the lawn will be much appreciated. And to complete the good deed, you will get a refreshing workout in return, and it will leave you both feeling satisfied and happy.

Wash the windows

I know what you are thinking. You think this blogger is telling you to do all of the housework for your mother. Yes and no. Window washing isn’t something that goes unnoticed, and the joys of looking out through clean windows will prevail long after Mother’s Day has past. And yes, your benefit is a workout for your upper body and balance. What could be better than that?

Take a walk together 

Sometimes people, young or old, just want a little bit of undivided attention. This type of gift is perfect for a neighbor or close friend that may be alone this Mother’s Day. Spend an hour or two strolling through a park to take in the sounds and smells of spring, but most importantly, to give some much valued notice to someone who deserves a little praise and appreciation. The time spent will also put a smile on your face, and the walking will do both your hearts some good.

Make a scrapbook

Dig out all of those old photos that have been living chaotically in a shoebox and wake up the creative side of your brain. Craft stores, such as Hobby Lobby, have aisles of colored paper, pens, and stickers that work well in putting together a special book of memories. Spending the time perusing over old photographs will not only delight your mom, it will also warm your heart as you revisit the joys of childhood.

Share in a good laugh

Visit a comedy club, watch a funny movie together, join a Laughter Yoga class, or just reminisce about events that weren’t funny then, but know you can laugh about them now. Laughter is good medicine and is sure to brighten up anyone’s day. The best part about having a good laugh is it is essentially free, can be done by anyone, and has long lasting health benefits.

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