4 Tricks to Slim Down Without Feeling Down

By Team Best Life

No one starts a weight loss journey by jumping up and down and celebrating; that’s more of an end game. But there ARE things you can do along the way to make the process more—dare we say it—enjoyable.

happy runner
Here are our top tips:

Take the eagle-eye view. It’s not just about numbers on the scale. In fact, taking small steps towards an achieved result is even more important. Take pride in every small victory—whether it’s taking the stairs instead of the elevator or skipping seconds at dinner. In the grand scheme, that’s what matters most.

Focus on you. Sticking to a weight loss plan is easier when your goal is more in tune with who you are rather than tied to something external. For example, decide that you want to feel happier about the way you look, or wake up every day bursting with good health. Events like weddings and high school reunions come and go. Focus on losing weight for you, not an event.

Re-discover why you love food. Today’s healthy-eating choices are so much better than the frozen diet meals of yesteryear. Step outside of your routine…you may just discover food you never knew you loved. Grow your own herbs, take a cooking class or investigate the best in healthy cookbooks. Better yet, do these things with a friend!

Exercise for fun. Hate to run but feel you have to do it anyway? Let it go. Shape your own exercise plan instead of feeling like it has to shape you. Identify the activity that makes you happiest—walking your dog? swimming laps? dancing?— and base the rest of your exercise plan around it. No one said you have to move exactly the same way everyone else does. Just moving is the most important thing of all.

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