The 7-Day Lean Challenge Slowly Transitions You to Vegan Diet

Author Kathy Freston has created the 7-Day Lean Challenge to coincide with the release of her new book titled The Lean: A Revolutionary (and Simple!) 30-Day Plan for Healthy. Although the book involves a full 30 day program, Kathy’s 7-Day Lean Challenge allows you to test the program before fully committing to it. This program is all about making small changes each day and replacing the animal products in your diet with plant based foods.

Kathy’s challenge is targeted at those that want to stop dieting and start losing weight permanently. The 7-Day Lean Challenge is Freston’s way of easing you into change, and will give you healthier options to the food you are already eating. Freston is upfront with the fact that you will be moving into a vegan diet and away from animal products, but everything is done gradually. You get to continue eating the foods you love, just healthier versions of them. One thing that Freston focuses on is that you will still get to eat foods like pizza, burgers, apple cobbler and other foods that you have always loved.

The 7-Day Lean Challenge gives you a chance to start the program and get a jump start on weight loss. The steps incorporated on the 7-Day Lean Challenge are not in the same order as in the book, but you will get the most out of the seven days on the program. Signing up for the 7-Day Lean Challenge is as simple as entering your email address and zip code. This challenge is great for those that want to lose weight once and for all. You can do a trial run of this program and see if you like the results before purchasing the book. The Lean is based on research and science that highlights a vegan diet as a way to lose weight healthfully and keep it off. For those who are interested in the 7-Day Lean Challenge, you can sign up here.



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