The 17 Day Diet vs. The South Beach Diet

When it comes to really understanding different diets, sometimes it’s best to compare it to another popular diet. For example, The 17 Day Diet created by Dr. Mike Moreno is hugely popular right now. But in order to best understand its ins and outs, we thought we’d compare it to another popular diet- the South Beach Diet. Turns out, they have quite a bit in common!


Both of these diets are fairly cost effective in that it just takes buying the book to learn how the diet works. You can buy either diet book for less than $20 on Amazon. When it comes to buying the food required in the diets, the cost is about the same, too, as both emphasize eating lots of fresh produce, lean meats, beans, nuts, dairy and whole grains (in moderation). Both programs also offer branded foods that are not required for success on these diets, but some may find convenient. South Beach offers a line of package foods, such as wraps and meal bars. There is a 17 Day Diet Meal Plan offered through the diet delivery service Bistro MD.


As of now, The 17 Day Diet does not have an in-depth online component (although I’d expect them to add that in the near future), but the website does offer free recipes and a caloric-needs and BMI calculator. On the other hand, the South Beach Diet has a robust online community and program costing $5 a week for your own customized meal plan; tools to track your weight, phase, and diet goals; and 24-hour online support and other online community features.


Both diets feature phases of eating that restrict certain food groups. The 17 Day Diet features four 17-day cycles that go from the most restrictive in the first two cycles to the least restrictive and more maintainable three and four cycles. Quite similarly, the South Beach Diet includes three phases. Phase one lasts for two weeks and removes starches from your diet. Phase two reintroduces fruits and whole grains and lasts until you’ve reached your goal weight. Phase three is a long-term weight-maintenance plan that allows you to practice what you’ve learned.


The diet is the main focus of both of these weight-loss plans, however both do have exercise recommendations. Going along with the number 17 theme, The 17 Day Diet includes a basic 17-minute exercise routine, while the South Beach Diet recommends that that you do at least 20 minutes of interval walking every other day of the week. The South Beach Diet website also features numerous articles and tips on how to fit in fitness into your daily routine regardless of how busy you are.

Experience of Authors


17 Day Diet creator Dr. Mike Moreno

Dr. Mike Moreno, known as Dr. Mike, is the author of The 17 Day Diet and a graduate of the University of California at Irvine and Hahnemann Medical School (now Drexel University). In 2008, he created a program called “Walk with Your Doc,” where he would walk with his patients to keep them healthier.


South Beach Diet creator Dr. Arthur Agaston

Dr. Arthur Agatston is the author of the South Beach Diet and is a preventive cardiologist and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Dr. Agatston has also published more than 100 scientific articles and abstracts in medical journals, and serves on the board of directors of the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and Eradication (SHAPE) and the American Dietetic Association Foundation.


Seeing that both diets restrict carbohydrates and calories, they both get results when the eating program is followed. Both diets feature cycles of eating that get quick results in the beginning (with dramatic results promised), with future phases designed for maintenance. We do wish both had more of a regimented fitness program and more information on the importance of exercise in weight loss.


Overall, these two diets are similar in many ways but do have their differences. While The 17 Day Diet seems a bit more gimmicky with an emphasis on the number 17, the South Beach Diet has more of a history behind it with multiple books, an online community and a more established doctor who has been practicing medicine longer. However, only time will tell which one is truly more effective!

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Pick up your copy of the South Beach Diet today!

Pick up your copy of the 17 Day Diet today!

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