Sheila Moon Makes Cycling Apparel for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

By Kerri Burr

A few months ago I discovered Lola Getts, an activewear company for plus-size gals which I loved. But finding them only made me wonder if there were more companies making high-quality workout gear in a full range of sizes. I looked some more and came across Sheila Moon Cycling. The company offers high-quality cycling gear in regular, plus, and maternity sizes. Score! The plus size line spans from 1X to 4X and the designs utilize playful patterns and flattering cuts, while also focusing on excellent support, coverage, and performance.


Sheila Moon sent me a sleeveless jersey ($75), a pair of knickers (at left, $99), and a bolero jacket ($39). The knickers were exceptionally well made, and had a decent amount of padding in the tush. (So important for long rides!) They do run large, so I ordered a size down from what I would typically wear.

The jersey was beautiful—the fabric lightweight, the cut was extremely flattering, and the pattern was gorgeous. The bolero jacket (which is basically a shrug) was the biggest surprise to me: it’s made of the same lightweight waffle material as the jersey when when worn together, they fuse into one glorious, long sleeved top. Plus, the bolero is so small you can easily remove it mid-workout and pack it away without adding bulk.

After waiting a few weeks hoping for a break in the cold weather, I resigned myself to testing the gear in an indoor cycling class. The class was a beast, but the gear definitely improved my experience. There was enough padding to keep my mind on my workout. I started with the bolero jacket on, and removed it about 20 minutes into class, when I was nice and warm. I draped it over the front of my bike, which allowed me to put it back on during the cool-down at the end of class. No surprise, I received several compliments on my ensemble from my classmates.

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