Predicting the Future: We Need More Food and We Need Better Ways to Get It

We often talk (and post) about the upcoming food trends, but usually aren’t looking much farther than the next year. An exciting new project from National Geographic is taking the future of food to a whole new level. They’re taking a look at what the world’s food needs will be nearly 40 years in the future, and what we can do today to maybe ease any future burdens.

  • The projected population of the world in 2050 is more than 9 billion people. It was 7.158 billion as of March 26 according to the United States Census Bureau.
  • It is speculated that we will need to double food production numbers to not only keep up with the growing population, but the increasingly rich diets of countries with growing economies.
  • A main focus of National Geographic’s project is how to grow more food without harming the planet through methods like farming that combines modern and organic farming practices.
  • Climate change is a major agricultural problem affecting the ability to grow and produce foods like avocados, almonds, grapes, milk, and tree fruits.
  • The increasing need for food is posing a major problem for the health of the planet as more and more of the natural environment is used for food production.

In addition to being one of the biggest causes of global warming, the agriculture industry is also the biggest user of the water supply and in return supplies much of the world’s pollution. Through their project, National Geographic will be exploring ways to increase food production while decreasing the negative impact such production can have on the Earth.

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