Obese Singer Cee Lo Green Doesn’t Want to Lose Weight

Born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, singer-songwriter Cee Lo is making a proud statement in the health and fitness world. Strong and confident, Cee Lo declares that he doesn’t need to lose weight. “I’m not out of shape, this is just the shape I’m in,” he said. “What you see, hear and experience is a person who is completely confident in their own skin.”

Acceptance of self is highly lacking in our society and Cee Lo’s self-assurance is admirable to a point. Each person is built differently and sometimes it’s difficult to accept that we can’t all look like svelte, suave rock stars. This seems to be no problem for Cee Lo who said, “…I’m not going to be a small person. I’m big boned. This weight, I can facilitate.” Although Cee Lo’s height and weight don’t seem to be listed anywhere on the internet, it’s apparent by looking at him that his BMI (not to mention his blood pressure and cholesterol) may tilt to the high side of the scale. Cee Lo may not be lacking in confidence, but denial could be an issue that he fights with.

It’s one thing to be comfortable with who you are and how you look but being overweight comes with significant health risks. I can’t stress enough that weight loss is not about being skinny, although that’s an undeniable perk for many people. The true crusade for weight loss should ultimately lead you to a healthy lifestyle.

Cee Lo’s strength comes from deep within. He said, “Survival is my skill. I’m a soldier, a lover and a fighter. My skin is a little thicker because of where I’ve come from. I could have gone comfortably numb a long time ago, but I was saved because of my association with music. Music truly did calm a very savage beast.”

It’s refreshing to witness such firm reassurance of one’s self but for the sake of his longevity, Cee Lo may want to take a look at his health stats and reevaluate his stance on weight loss.

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