New York City Yoga Studios Add More Meditation Classes to Satisfy Clients

Yoga studios in New York City are some of the most cutting edge in the nation. The city not only offers immensely diverse styles of yoga, it usually creates, or sets the tone for what kinds of trends and crazes the rest of the country can expect to see in the coming years. From inverting your body in a silk hammock to sweating buckets in hot yoga, New York City yoga studios have it all.

As a leader in capturing and perpetuating yoga trends, New York City is now seeing more and more meditation classes gracing yoga studio schedules. According to Sharon Salzberg, a meditation expert and teacher in the big apple, “Meditation is no longer seen as fringe, esoteric and weird.” Alan Finger, founder and co-owner of Ishta Yoga said, “There is a flood of more people wanting more meditation.” Adding that he has had to increase the number of meditation classes he offers to keep up with the demand.

Time will only tell how meditation will hold up in the sea of changing needs. Perhaps instead of working on getting the perfect yoga butt, we can take a few moments to sit quietly and ponder the idea.

As of late, articles highlighting the physical dangers of modern yoga and word of organizations that wish to bring the Hindu elements back into yoga have surfaced and caused quite a stir among the yoga community. When yoga studios depend on churning millions of people through the studio door, any hint of change in the arena of yoga is worth noting. Owning a yoga studio in New York City, or any city for that matter, is a serious business, and it is of great importance to pay attention to what clients want and need.

Change, being one of the only constants in life, is inevitable. Just observe how yoga has evolved over the course of 5000 years. From a discipline only embraced by emaciated bearded men in caves, to a contender as an Olympic sport, yoga has morphed over the years to fit and accommodate the needs of the people who practice it.

Right now, it seems as if this ancient practice is circling back around towards its roots. Not that we are at the point where the millions of women who do yoga will hand it over entirely to men in caves, but certain elements that have been lost are beginning to resurface in mainstream yoga studios. The days where the majority of people practice yoga solely as a workout are slowly fading, and the time is coming where people are reverting back to the ancient purpose of yoga and practice it for the spiritual aspects.

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