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What is it?

Neuroplex is a nootropic supplement that may also have some uses as a sleep and anti-anxiety aid. The promotional materials for Neuroplex claim that it can be effective for improving neurological conditions and for slowing the effects of cognitive decline.

Neuroplex may also have uses for regulating hormone production and improving mood. It is possible that it may help form neural connections as well as stimulating endocrine production.

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Neuroplex Ingredients and Side Effects

Neuroplex uses a blend that includes a number of basic vitamins and nutrients, however their main active ingredients are mostly the brain tissues of several different species of animal. The bases their proprietary blend are these three additives:

Bovine Hypothalamus Ovine Pituitary Porcine Brain

Bovine Hypothalamus: The ground and powdered tissue of the hypothalamus section of a cow’s brain. The hypothalamus is a portion of the brain that is responsible for a number of functions in the body including linking the nervous and endocrine systems, certain metabolic processes, and is considered a part of the limbic system.

Bovine brain tissue is thought to be high in protein, Omega 3-fatty acids, and minerals. It is not clear how much of those nutrients actually end up in Neuroplex, as they are not transparent about their sourcing practices with any of the animal byproducts in their supplement.

There has been very little research done about the effects on humans of consuming cow hypothalamus, especially as opposed to other areas of the brain. There is not sufficient enough evidence to claim that it has any use definitively, however in the past people have attempted to use bovine hypothalamus to treat:

  • Low adrenal function
  • Asthma
  • Eczema and psoriasis
  • Depression
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low blood sugar

There is no evidence to suggest that ingesting bovine hypothalamus can impact mental performance in any way. It is unclear what effects the manufacturers of Neuroplex hope to achieve by using this ingredient.

There are very significant concerns about ingesting the brains of cows and other animals. The most pressing issue with Neuroplex is that it does not give any indication of which country their cows are processed in, which significantly raises the risk of users contracting bovine spongiform encephalitis, also known as mad cow disease.

There are only a handful of countries that have reliable BSE testing, and unless you know that the product comes from those countries then it should not be considered safe. Eating brain tissues of any animal also raise the possibility of contracting any number of other neurological conditions or effects; it is not generally recommended for anyone.

Ovine Pituitary: The ground and powdered tissue of the pituitary gland section of a sheep’s brain. The pituitary gland is in charge of regulating the function of a number of other glands including the thyroid, adrenal, ovarian, and testicular glands.

It is possible that ingesting ovine pituitary can be beneficial for hormone function in humans, however the data to support this is minimal. As with bovine hypothalamus, there is little reason to think that it can be an effective nootropic ingredient, however it carries significant health risks.

Consuming ovine pituitary tissues carries with it many of the same concerns as consuming bovine brain matter. It can lead to ingesting infectious proteins, disrupting hormone function, and even contracting Kuru, a disease that attacks the central nervous system and leads to loss of motor function, uncontrollable shaking, and death.

Porcine Brain: The ground and powdered tissue of a pig’s brain. Unlike the other ingredients in Neuroplex, porcine brain extracts actually have been connected to some nootropic effects.

A recent study demonstrated that porcine brain extracts could help prevent damage from oxidative stress and may be useful for avoiding strokes or brain damage. It is highly unlikely that consuming porcine brain matter will provide any kind of boost to intelligence or brain function; its only value seems to be protective in nature.

The same problems with sheep and cow brain consumption are issues with pig brain consumption as well. There will always be significant risks of possibly contracting a neurological condition, usually through the ingestion of infected tissues.

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Neuroplex Quality of Ingredients

The ingredients blend of Neuroplex is highly unique. Our research team has never encountered another supplement that bases the bulk of their active formula on the ingestion of other mammals’ brain tissue.

There is no evidence that ingesting brains leads to improved brain function. Brain tissue gets broken down and digested just as any other food product would. It is separated out into its component parts, and the nutrients are distributed through the body as needed. The nutrients may or may not ever be used to make more brain tissue or help with brain functionality.

There is some scientific evidence that porcine brain tissue may have some chemicals that could be useful in the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. There is no reason to believe that it could act as a performance booster or cognitive function enhancer.

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The Price and Quality of Neuroplex

As may be expected with an ingredients blend this specialized, Neuroplex is one of the more expensive supplements on the market. They are sold through a number of online dealers and the price can vary considerably, however users should be able to find it for sale in this price range:

  • 1, 40-count jar of Neuroplex capsules: $21.00-$54.54

Potential customers should note that Neuroplex recommends taking two pills per day in order to see results, so each jar is only 20 days’ worth of product. Even if purchased at the lowest possible price, this is still far above average for supplements of this type.

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Business of Neuroplex

Neuroplex is a product of Standard Process, a pharmaceuticals and supplements manufacturer with offices across the United States. Their main contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 848-5061

Address: 1200 W. Royal Lee Drive

Palmyra, WI 53156


Potential customers should be aware that Standard Process has been contacted by the FDA and the FTC multiple times in regards to a number of products. They have been convicted of making false and misleading claims about their products multiple times and forced to pay millions in restitution.

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Customer Opinions of Neuroplex

Some customers have claimed to see results from taking Neuroplex, however their comments are rarely consistent. There are also quite a few negative reviews of Neuroplex online, including these:

“Every time I used this stuff I had vivid and horrific dreams of the apocalypse. I discontinued use and they stopped. Never saw any cognitive benefits.”

“Didn’t make me smarter. Didn’t give me energy. Did nothing except make me eat cow, pig, and sheep brains, which I didn’t realize until I had already taken some. Gross.”

“Total waste of time and money. Save yourself the hassle and just place your money directly into the garbage.”

There are no reviews where customers claim to see dramatic results in mental performance. All of their complementary reviews focus on improving other issues, such as improving sleep or alleviating symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

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How Does Neuroplex Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Neuroplex
  • 33/100
Conclusion – Does Neuroplex Work?

Neuroplex does not use ingredients that are considered effective nootropic agents. Neuroplex’s blend contains brain tissues from three different species of animal, which raises a number of issues.

In general, consuming brain tissue is not recommended by our team of health and wellness experts. It is especially not recommended when it is not clear where these animals are sourced from or how safe these tissues are.

Even if they are safe, there is no reason to believe that Neuroplex will be an effective nootropic. Porcine brain is the only ingredient in their blend that has any history of cognitive benefits of any sort, and even that data is still very new.

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