My exercise plan – 3

I’m happy to say that the first week did not kill me as I was quite certain it would. My two workouts with the trainer, while brutal, seem to be doing some good. Two training sessons last week and three days of cardio on my own and I’m happy to report that I lost three pounds and shaved half a point off of my BMI. While every muscle in my body has been screaming out to stop this madness- I have otherwise felt fantastic. I feel like I have more energy and actually look forward to going down to do my 45 minutes of cardio. My solo cardio sessions look like this:

– 5 minutes on elliptical slow walking to warm up
– 15 minutes on elliptical running
– Quick break for water
– 10 minutes running on elliptical
– 5 minutes walking backward on elliptical (Try it! You’ll feel a whole new group of muscles working.)
– Water break
– 10 minutes running/walking on treadmill

When I started 3/30, my weight and BMI looked like this:
Starting Weight: 143
Starting BMI: 24.5

This past Saturday, my first week weigh-in looked like this:
Weight: 140
BMI: 24.0

The trainer came back this afternoon and our workout was pretty intense today. I felt a little sick toward the end, but no where near what it felt like last Wednesday! We did a lot of work on my shoulders, biceps and triceps. While the pain I had through my abs and legs last week is thankfully gone, my back feels like it’s on fire right now! We did a lot today, but the big takeaways were:

– MORE CRUNCHES!! “Get used to it, we’re gonna do a lot of these,” says the trainer. My count is about 200 total crunches each session. Today we did these using an exercise ball. Made this task a little easier- but not much. We did the standard crunches, the side-to-side to work the obliques, and then a few sets lying on each side pulling up sideways.

– We did a variety of lunges today. These always look easy… until I’m on my fourth set of 30! We used the exercise ball with these today as well. I did standard lunges forward with each leg, off to the side with each leg and then backward.

– Jumping rope. That right there is a workout all in itself. Two sets of 50.

– Pushups. Three sets of 10.

– A few different weight lifting exercises.

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