Mark Kruger of Biggest Loser talks with DietsInReview

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Love him or hate him, Mark Kruger has been a stand-out contestant this season. He describes his time on campus as his “first half” and “second half,” and anyone who followed the Biggest Loser season closely knows that two very different Marks played the game. He’s comfortable with the America voting twist- going so far as to say “If America wants [Ali] to pull it off they need to vote for me!”. Read below to hear straight from Mark how he feels about the twist, all that crying and nearly handing the victory to Roger.

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Mark Biggest LoserThis time next week you’ll know if you were chosen as America’s favorite.
I hope so, I hope I’m chosen as America’s Sweetheart. I don’t know that I started out that way with my experience on Biggest Loser, but hopefully it will end up that way.You definitely went home and came back a different Mark Kruger.
There was a 180 degree different Mark Kruger who came back to campus. The guy who left campus was jaded, caught up in the game, not focused on what he should have been focused on. Which is my health, I need to concentrate on getting healthy, getting in physically better condition. Instead, I was wrapped up in the game. When I left, they closed the door to the airplane, I knew I was on my way home. I realized what I lost and that I took this experience for granted. I didn’t get everything out of it that I should have. When I was given the opportunity to get back on- I told myself “I’m going to make the most of this opportunity, I’m not going to take it for granted and focus on what I should be focused on. That’s where the difference in the attitude came in.Part of your growth was the emotional growth. I spoke with executive producer Mark Koops last week and he said that you’ve cried more than any other man in the history of television.
I think Mark is right. I went from being this yelling, screaming hard case, to a soft bunch of mush. I’m not apologizing. It’s been an emotional experience for me. The last time I cried before this was seven years ago when my daughter was born. I’ve got seven years of emotion just wrapped up inside of me.As I started to shed weight and realize more, who I am came out. And it was not controllable. I said you know what- I’m just going to let it come out. I don’t care what anybody says about it. Real strength is admitting when I’m weak. I said in one of the episodes – “real strength is being able to admit when you’re weak as opposed to saying I’m always strong and just internalizing everything.” I believe I’m a stronger, better man for that now.How do you feel about the America votes twist- leaving it in the hands of America?
I would have been the third finalist had everything gone the way it has in past seasons. Ali and Kelly were very vocal about voting Roger out. I would have been the last finalist.I’m the last guy who can complain about twists and turns in this reality TV show. Without the twists and turns I don’t get back on. I don’t have the opportunity to be in this position. I’m not upset about it all. It is what it is- I have to deal with it. It worked to my advantage one time- so I can’t say it was OK then but it’s not OK now. That’s just not right. Hopefully I’ll be a little more popular than Roger will be and win the online vote.It’s come down now a popularity contest. Hopefully people have forgot about the beginning of the game with me and just concentrated more on the changes I made in my second half, when I got back on. You’re not going to hear me complain about twist and turns.

What do you think about Ali being the first female Biggest Loser- do you think she can she pull it off?
I absolutely think she can pull it off.

Even if means beating you?
Even if it means beating me. If there’s anybody I have to lose to on this show, I want it to be Ali. Ali and I have a pretty special bond. I have a lot of respect for her, she’s got the same competitive fire and spirit that I have inside of me. We’re like-minded individuals and that’s why we got along so well and why we bonded the way we did. If she is the one that wins I’ll be the first one up on stage- barring Bette-Sue doesn’t knock me down- to give her a big hug and celebrate with her. She’s a fantastic individual, she’s done an amazing job and she deserves everything that she gets, especially if she wins.

There was a lot of talk early in the season as the blue team formed and the Pride on 3 brotherhood- you guys were setting Roger up for the win. Do you feel that is what was happening and are you glad to see it turn around now?

I definitely feel that is what was happening and I didn’t really open my eyes to it until Roger and I had that argument and he was yelling at me to be more vocal and competitive like I used to be. I kind of realized what was going on. We were almost just about handing him the victory. Does this make me a little happy? Yeah it does. To a certain extent- I’m not going to lie to you there. If it had come down to Jay, Roger and I in the finals I don’t think we would have been able to beat him. I think Ali will have a very hard time beating him as well.

Still hitting the gym as often as possible?
Every single morning. I run 6 miles every morning then back in the gym in the afternoon for a little light resistance training so i can keep my muscles nice and toned up for when i get on that stage Tuesday night.

If Mark won over your heart- vote for him now at NBC and then get the inside scoop on the vote from Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

Thank you, Mark, for visiting with us today. We wish you luck at the finale!

6 Responses to Mark Kruger of Biggest Loser talks with DietsInReview

  1. Teddi says:

    Mark is a WINNER no matter what happens . He is a REAL man for crying and I am glad to have met him – it feels like we have met anyway 🙂 .

  2. June says:

    Mark is a winner, not for the amount of weight lost, but for the many changes internally, emotionally and mentally – that was his biggest challenge. He has learned to share, to love and to feel!!!

  3. Sara Greenfield says:

    I’d love the chance to be on the biggest loser, but I don’t weigh enough. I love this program. I hope it continues. I am 52, just went through Menopause, and gained 15 pounds. Ideally I need to lose 20 pounds. I am active, and I could easily gain more weight if I do not watch my eating and daily habits. I lost my job, and sat at a computer learning a new job, and that is where the weight gain came in. I don’t want to vote because in my eyes you are all winners. Congratulations to all the contestants.

  4. shelley says:

    Good Lord really!!!!! I think the reason he did NOT win is because people can’t stand his crying. The first time, great. The so many I lost track after that became nausiating. I did not vote for him because I could not stomach watching him cry for 20 minutes after they made the announcement.

  5. debbie cook says:

    Mark youre still my sweetheart winner. Im trying too lose weight and the final show you got me thinking even more that i can do it too. so far lost 33 lbs. still have more too lose. ;p

  6. Giuliano says:

    Mark is the greatest contestant in The Biggest Loser History. Mark had a drive like no other and emotionally changed as the season went on without losing that competitiveness. It’s amazing how long Mark and Jay lasted, longest couple left in the game by far.

    Good Job Mark! You are an inspiration to all of North America!!

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