Jennie Garth Does a Weight Loss Cleanse

photo: Flickr user watchwithkristin

Detox and cleanse diets are all the rage with Hollywood stars. The approach is controversial, as many mainstream medicine and nutrition experts say that the body does a perfectly good job on its own in detoxing when you are eating a normal healthy diet, and staying fit.

But, that doesn’t stop many versions of cleansing and detox diets to pop up, particularly since they can piggyback on the power of celebrity endorsements, even if they aren’t outright paid spokespeople.

The latest celebrity diet news has come from Jennie Garth (90210) and her hubby of nine years, Twilight star Peter Facinelli. In a recent interview, Jennie revealed that she is doing a cleanse. The cleanse consists of just one meal a day. Her husband is doing the more hardcore full-body cleanse, which entails fasting for seven days straight without any food at all.

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