Interview with Biggest Loser’s Jay Kruger

These interviews with the Biggest Loser eliminees are rather bittersweet. It’s always exciting to have a chance to visit with them. How often do we grow somewhat attached to characters on TV, but never have the opportunity to actually talk to them? That’s the bitter side- that in talking to them, it means I’ve spent the past three months growing attached and now they’re gone. Jay Kruger is definitely one of those. As Ali said last night, he’s the sweet teddy bear in the Biggest Loser house. Jay was likable from the start and made all the more charming with that good ‘ole Boston accent.

As part of the final five, he and his brother the last “couples” team standing, and the tallest member of the all-man blue team, Jay made his departure from Biggest Loser and Australia last night. He selflessly asked to be eliminated after falling below the yellow line with his brother Mark. Here are a few favorite excerpts from our conversation and you can hear the interview in its entirety below.

It was nice that you got to stick around long enough to go to Australia with the final five. What was the most memorable part of being in Australia?
Ahh Geeze! There were so many great things that happened in Australia. For me, it was the bridge climb. Earlier in the season I had the fear of heights and I had to conquer that on the zip line. Then the bridge climb, you couldn’t smack the smile off my face! You could see the opera house and the Olympic stadium from there. It was a magnificent view and to be there with people you care about. I looked at Roger and said “Do you realize right now we’re on top of the bottom of the world?” It was the greatest part of the whole trip.

Jay and Roger Biggest LoserRoger said after you had been eliminated that “everyone watched you grow out of your brother’s shadow.” How did that comment make you feel and is it accurate?
I was crying when he said it and I was crying last night. I do think it was accurate. One thing I’ve taken away from this whole thing, being on Biggest Loser doesn’t just work on the outside in losing weight. You also work on the inside. You find out why you get to that point in the first place- where you’re just overweight. I was a grumpy individual before I came here. I lacked self-confidence. Through this experience I’ve gained so much self-confidence.

Roger is accurate because I grew out of his shadow and became my own person. My wife has seen that in the weeks I’ve been home. I’m more confident. It’s going to make me a better father, husband friend with everyone I come in contact with.

Last night in Where Are They Now- you talked about your daughter, Lindsey, and the 10K run you’re doing for the Beckwith-Wiedemann Organization. When is that run and how is all of that going?
We haven’t worked out a date yet. My wife is working with the city of New Bedford to nail down a date, possibly June. We’re Looking forward to raising money and awareness for a syndrome that when our daughter was born we didn’t know anything about it. It effects 1 in 14,000 kids. They came to us after she born and I thought, ‘give her a pill and let’s get going.’ But it doesn’t work that way. My wife has taken the bull by the horns on that. She’s the vice president of the children’s organization. She’s helped so many families and getting awareness out.

jay biggest loserIs there a place where people can go to make a donation?
Beckwith-Wiedemann Children’s Foundation, that’s the web site. You can make donations there. Thank you so much!

I told Jay how I had a good cry last night watching his elimination. (It was my Cry of the Week). He said “I was trying to hold back the tears myself. I think I cried as much last night as when it really happened.” I told him my husband caught me crying and asked what was wrong, I responded tearfully that they let Jay go. “Blue team’s crying again! That’s what’s wrong!” was Jay’s response. “I read somewhere that someone said instead of ‘Pride on Three’ it’s ‘Cry on Three.’ I Love that!” Thank you, Jay!

Listen to the full interview with Jay below

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