Healthy Recipes for Your Passover Seder

Passover, one of the most well-known of the Jewish holidays, is an eight-day festival celebrated in early spring. On Passover, Jewish families and friends gather together for dinners called Seders that involve, prayer, story-telling and some traditional foods.

During Passover, most Jewish people avoid eating anything leavened and opt for matzoh instead of bread or pastries. This year, if you’re planning a Seder or keeping kosher during Passover, get creative with your menu and whip up one of our favorite Passover-friendly recipes.

Russian Salad: The name of this hearty salad honors its ingredients, such as beets, dill, and pickles that are staples in a traditional Russian diet. Delightful with cold fish, poultry, or meat dishes, this is the perfect cold salad to keep in the fridge during Passover for fast lunches.

Farfel with Onions and Mushrooms:  Farfel might sound exotic but this grain-based dish is simply matzoh that has been finely diced and calibrated for quick cooking.

Apple Raisin Farfel: This delicious and super-nutritious dish is sure to be equally at home as a side dish or a breakfast. The apples and raisins add the perfect sweetness to complete any Passover meal.

Pecan Brownies: Brownies are a classic dessert and with Osem Matza cake meal you can replicate the traditional version with delicious chocolate.  Word of warning: do not be tempted to bake a minute more than directions recommend or they will harden.

Chocolate Beet Coconut Cake with Chocolate Icing: You might already be enjoying beets as a salad or side dish but they’re also the perfect addition to this cake. This dense, moist dessert is the perfect finish to a Passover Seder.

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