Get a Maggie Grace Body in Time for the Lockout Movie Premiere

For a girl who used to ride her bike around Los Angeles in a frilly skirt for her cardio workout, former Lost actress Maggie Grace is finding herself in a whole different realm of fitness in her new film ‘Lockout’ – which comes to theaters April 13.

Grace, who grew up around Columbus, Ohio, admits to being the clumsy type, and was given the nickname “Maggie Graceless” because of it. She even admitted in interviews that she has no coordination and often embarrasses herself with her tripping tendencies. But in her new role, Grace puts her physical limits to the test, high-wire stunts and all.

In her previous films like ‘The Jane Austen Book Club,’ Grace was never required to brave such physical feats as flying through the air like she does in action-packed ‘Lockout’ – a film set in space where Grace plays the president’s daughter who gets kidnapped by criminals and is rescued by ‘Snow,’ who is played Guy Pearce.

In an interview about the film, Grace said she loved doing the stunts herself. Getting flown every which way on wires and being suddenly dropped was exciting and fun to her. And that she’d ‘always wanted to do trapeze camp,’ as a child – so the whole experience was kind of a dream come true.

Talk of her new film not only leaves us completely enamored with Grace’s killer figure, but also wanting to get in action-movie shape so we can have a big screen-worthy body, too.

The following exercises can be completed just about anywhere without any equipment, leaving you no excuse not to try them. Each set of moves is designed to build muscle and increase flexibility so you can be at the top of your game to fight bad guys and fly through ‘space’ just like Grace does in the film. Plus, each workout is demonstrated with a video so you won’t be left guessing exactly what to do. So enough talk –  let’s get started!


Tracy Anderson’s Method Arm Workout  

Dance your A** Off! Leg Workout 

Britney Spear’s Ab Workout  

Office Yoga Poses



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