Foobi iPhone App Helps Balance Your Diet

Keeping track of your food intake is the mainstay of every diet and weight loss plan. We are all familiar with the low tech version of food journaling– carrying a notebook and pen with you wherever you go in order to jot down each morsel that crosses your lips. I did it for a long while when I was actively losing weight – but often, I forgot my notebook and I’d either have to remember the meals or write them down on a scrap and then remember to transfer when I returned home. However, I always have my iPhone with me, and the new Foobi app would have been just the answer to this struggle.

Billed as “A refreshing, fun and effortless way to track and balance your meals,” Foobi is a colorful application designed to help you keep track of your food intake with the flick of a finger.

Open up your Foobi app and you see a slider of food choices. Instead of counting calories, though, you enter servings. Every category can be renamed and the daily allowance adjusted. If you need new categories, you can create them. Don’t need one of the pre-programmed categories? You can delete as well. With 17 built-in categories – Dark Green, Light Green, Veggie, Fruit, Whole Grain, Beans, Egg, Fish, Poultry, Red Meat, Tofu, Oil, Cheese, Milk, Supplements, Sweets – it’s pretty difficult to imagine that you couldn’t enter every single food you eat. (Although, it doesn’t appear to offer a Cheetos category…)

Tap on the view list button to see your entire group of tallies for the day, and see how close you are to your goal. Turn your iPhone to landscape view to see a weekly bar graph – a visual representation of your eating habits. The food groups are color coordinated so you can see at a glance if your intake is balanced or leans too far towards one group.

Foobi is a solid application for the iPhone or iTouch to track your food intake and help you eat a more balanced diet. It’s colorful and informative, and, oddly enough – addictive.

Get the Foobi app for 99 cents.

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