Film Producer Lisa Cortes Documents Her Journey on the Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox

Lisa Cortes has had a fulfilling career. As a Yale graduate, respected figure in the music industry, and co-founder of Rush Management, Inc., with hip-hop pioneer Russell Simmons, it was no surprise that when she tried her hand at the film industry, she succeeded.

As executive producer of the Academy Award Winning Film “Precious,” it became even more apparent that one of her strengths was identifying voices not often heard, and telling stories not often told.

But ironically enough, what she didn’t realize in the process was that she’d been ignoring her own voice for quite some time, specifically in the area of health.

“The stress of these [music and film] industries puts pounds on me and I’ve struggled with my weight for years,” writes Cortes in this month’s cover story for Essence Magazine. “I’ve seen artists go on extreme diets. It’s a roller coaster. I want to do something healthy for me.”

In her article, Cortes documents her 21-day detox experience at the Martha’s Vineyard Holistic Retreat in Massachusetts – a resort created by Dr. Roni DeLuz for total mind and body revitalization.

According to DeLuz – creator of the popular Martha’s Vineyard Diet –  the most effective way to lose weight is to cleanse the body of harmful toxins. And one of the ways to do that is by flushing the body with liquids to remove the toxins that hinder our metabolism. And theoretically, once the toxins are removed, the metabolism is sped up and the body can burn through fat more efficiently, resulting in rapid weight loss.

This is what Cortes is hoping for.

Although the diet leaves room for flexibility, offering options for its dieters to follow the detox for any number of days they choose. The more dedicated – like Cortes –  follow a strict detox regiment for 21 days and hopefully lose the 21 pounds the diet promises its participants.

Cortes, who left her home in New York City to practice the diet at Martha’s Vineyard Retreat, says she’s committing to the detox because she wants to practice loving discipline as it doesn’t come naturally to her. And hopefully, if the studies hold true that it takes 21 days of discipline to form a habit, she’ll have a new lifestyle to take back home with her to New York.

In the article on day 3, Cortes writes that she’s starting to get the hang of the diet and is even enjoying it. Under Dr. DeLuz’s instruction, she’s putting small doses of maximum nutrition into her body every two hours in the form of fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of water.

By day 5 she claims to be reaping mental benefits. “My brain is becoming keener and I’m able to finish a document I couldn’t wrap my head around before.” And although she later admits to suffering from a serious burger and shake craving, after a quick call to Dr. DeLuz and a soup featuring some ‘essence of hamburger,’ she reports to overcoming the temptation.

By the end of Day 7, Cortes writes that she feels a great sense of accomplishment after completing a full week on the diet, and that she’s already lost 10 pounds.

Although she seems to be transitioning well into her journey on the detox, there’s still much in store for her during her remaining two weeks at the resort. And we look forward to following her story to a healthier, more disciplined self.

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