FDA-Approved ‘Cellulaze’ Claims to Banish Cellulite

Cellulite is one of the biggest frustrations of most women today. With its bumpy, unpleasant appearance, it reveals even the slightest amount of fat we have on our bodies.

But after all, it is part of our anatomy as females. Our skin is thin and susceptable to revealing the fat that’s beneath the skin’s surface. And although it feels like it at times, cellulite isn’t a disease. It’s a common characteristic among woman that’s caused by trapped waste, toxins and unmetabolized fat beneath the skin, which pushes against the fibrous connective tissue causing the much-dreaded bumpy appearance.

Although drinking plenty of water, staying active, and eating the right foods can improve the appearance of cellulite, there’s only so much women can do to fight the fat. Because sometimes, it doesn’t matter how thin a woman is, she can still have cellulite.

But now, there’s new hope, in the form of a laser.

Cellulaze is a new invasive treatment that’s now FDA approved and causing quite the stir in the beauty industry. It begins with a local anaesthetic, leaving the patient awake throughout the entire procedure.

Once the area is numb, a tiny laser is inserted under the skin, which heats the skin and melts the fat. The laser tool then cuts the fibers that pull the skin down and cause the dimpled effect. And the last step of the process is heating the skin to encourage the growth of new collagen, which creators say improves the skin’s elasticity.

Although other cellulite treatments have been previously approved by the FDA, none of them have been as successful as Cellulaze has thus far. And perhaps the most exciting news is that the creators believe the results may be permanent, meaning the cellulite goes away and stays away forever.

Seeing that this is a relatively safe procedure, perhaps the biggest ‘risk’ involved is that patients may not think all their cellulite is gone. But Dr. Bruce Katz, director of Juva Skin and Laser Center in New York, who participated in the treatment’s medical trials back in 2019, is fully behind the procedure.

Katz says there are minimal drawbacks to Cellulaze, including temporary bruising and soreness. And that there are women who underwent the procedure two years ago and have since gone without seeing any recurrence of cellulite. For this reason, he’s hopeful and fairly confident that the results could be long term, assuming the patient doesn’t make drastic diet changes, stop working out, or gain a considerable amount of weight.

So what’s the cost? The cosmetic procedure is not covered by insurance and costs start around $2,500 for one area, which means patients could spend upwards of $10,000, depending on how many areas they want to done.

But proponents of the proecure say it’s worth it. The before and after pictures are quite compelling. And one woman who underwent the procedure during the medical trials said her results were ‘amazing’ and thats she’s now ‘dimple-less and perfect.’

I can’t say that I’d go and spend thousands of dollars on this procedure. I’d rather just embrace the body I have, dimples or no dimples. But for women who do want to banish their cellulite, Cellulaze does seem to be a fairly safe, effective treatment. We would just advise women to consider all of the pros and cons before moving forward with the procedure.

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