Challenge Yourself to Feel Empowered on Live Big with Ali Vincent

What a difference a choice, a moment, a day, a year and five years makes! This week was my 5-year anniversary since I stood on the scale at the season 5 finale of The Biggest Loser as the confetti fell and I became the first female winner.ali v

When I look back at my journey, the moment that made the biggest difference in my life was when I said “fine.” For so long I waited for something “big” to happen, to know my life was going to change dramatically. I didn’t realize waiting left me missing all the moments that could have gotten me to the life I wanted.

I finally said “fine” in a conversation with my mom on August 11, 2007. She was so excited that the Biggest Loser casting was going to be in my hometown, despite only finding out the night before. Back then I was a fully booked hairstylist and couldn’t afford to take the time off of work. However my mom said, “I couldn’t afford NOT to go.” My life changed forever as I replied: “Fine, go find out where I need to stand in line.” Just like that. FINE. I was so many emotions: nervous, shaky, excited, scared, and even on the verge of tears. But I surrendered with just one word.

This week on Live Big With Ali Vincent, you are to witness a very special woman named Mercedes experience all the feelings I went through as she starts her own journey. I know better than anyone that a simple moment can change the direction our lives take. And when you find yourself in a waiting pattern, you need to tell the truth and choose to do something.

Your life is worth fighting for! You are probably going to be uncomfortable, scared, and nervous. Coming to terms with the truth and making those daily changes means taking responsibility for your life. I know it can seem scary and overwhelming creating our own destiny. But instead choose to have it feel EMPOWERING. Both feelings are equally as powerful, so challenge yourself to be aware of your feelings and feel empowered.

Now, the real question is where do you want to be in five years? Next year? Tomorrow? Right now? All are your choice… choose this moment to choose YOU!

I hope you enjoy meeting Mercedes and until next week-
Ali xo

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