Biggest Loser’s Sam and Stephanie Plan to Marry April 28

The long awaited nuptials of Biggest Loser’s Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson are finally here! People reported today that the couple is getting married tomorrow, April 28, in San Francisco, California.

The gorgeous couple met as contestants on Biggest Loser season nine, and immediately hit it off. While the two were there looking for weight loss they ended up finding love. They lost weight too, a lot in fact! Sam lost more than 130 pounds and Stephanie lost 99 pounds. No proposal happened at the live finale for their season, but a few months later, during filming for a Where Are They Now special, Sam took Stephanie back to the gym on the ranch and popped the question. Of course she said yes!

The couple has faced struggles in the seven months leading up to their big day. Last September, Sam suffered a life-threatening fall from a four-story building, but quick medical attention and on-going care that took him from ICU to a rehabilitation center has him back on his feet and ready to say I Do! Fans across the nation held digital vigil as Sam made a triumphant recovery, and Stephanie frequently expressed her gratitude for the support.

Their wedding site doesn’t reveal too many details about the big day. However, Sam’s accident rearranged their priorities. The couple says:

“We created this site with much excitement last summer, and we intended to fill it up with so many great things to share with you all. However as you understand with what has happened over the last 7 months, we’ve had to refocus our energy and time. Now here we are just a short time away from our BIG day and we cannot be more anxious and excited to join together as husband and wife.”

No word on what the Biggest Loser attendance will look like. The only alumni member who is in the wedding party is Sam’s cousin and teammate from the show, Koli Palu. Many of the alumni are making their bi-annual pilgrimage to LA this weekend for Tuesday’s live finale for season 13; no word on whether the couple will “honeymoon” at the event.

We wish Sam and Stephanie well as they begin their next chapter. They’ve already faced some pretty insurmountable challenges, between their weight loss and Sam’s recovery. We don’t think there’s anything they can’t take on together.

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