Biggest Loser: Episode 15

It doesn’t seem possible that we’re on the cusp of this season ending. As I said in my first episode recap, I’d never watched the show before, now, I’m completely hooked. So, while I have nothing to compare it to- this season has been one wild ride. Twists and turns around every corner, a lot of man crying, unexpected rallies, plenty of records set and, as Bob Harper put it, a season of one pound.

This season really has fallen to the mercy of a single pound week after week. Bernie went home for one pound; Mark and Jay each gained a pound to send Jay home; Jay spent $10,000 to buy a one pound pass; Last night Roger beat the Biggest Loser on-ranch weight loss record by one pound. The list goes on.

Last night, two impressive records were set. As mentioned, Roger beat the record set by Neil in season four for most weight lost on campus. Early in the week Roger told Bob he’d beat that record and planned to lose no less than 15 pounds. Doubters be damned, he did it! A total Biggest Loser ranch weight loss of 144 pounds. Congratulations Roger! He lost a person… he lost me!

Ali Biggest LoserThe other record deservedly went to miss Ali. She’s lost more weight on campus than any other female in Biggest Loser history- an impressive 99 pounds! Congrats to Ali as well! She’s right on track to be crowned the first-ever female Biggest Loser. As Jillian told her last night, if there’s ever going to be someone who can do it- it’s Ali.

Last night was rather somber. It had that last day of school feeling- everyone reminiscing, not quite ready to let go of all they’ve achieved and gained in the past four months, but biting their nails to get out of there and go home. I really enjoyed the videos looking back at each of their journeys at Biggest Loser. Their reactions were almost disgust at their former selves- many remarking that they didn’t even know who that person was.

The challenge forced them to face their former selves head on- by wearing fat suits custom built to each contestant, weighing the same as they did the day they walked on to campus. Ali seemed to struggle with it emotionally more than anyone else, while Kelly seemed to struggle more with the actual feat of carrying that weight. Once again, Mark claimed the first place position- just as he had in the first challenge. His prize was $10,000 cash (no one pound passes to buy this time), and free meals from the brand new Biggest Loser Meal Plan.Mark Biggest Loser

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The weigh-in was one of the most impressive yet. A total of 51 pounds was lost between the final four: Roger -15, Mark -12, Ali -11 and Kelly -13. Remember, this is a game of percentages based on body fat loss. Ali and Kelly once again claimed the top two positions for weight lost, forcing Mark and Roger below the yellow line. As Roger had psyched himself to be eliminated and not make it to the finale, host Allison introduced the final twist of season 5. Last night, there was no elimination. It’s up to you, and me. For the first time ever, Biggest Loser’s third finale contestant will be chosen by America.

Cast your vote– choose between Roger and Mark to compete in the finale. I spoke with Jillian, Bob and the executive producer Mark Koops last week and they shared their insight for the Biggest Loser vote in this Diet Column post. Once you’ve voted- come back here and let us know who you voted for and why.

I’ve got one final Biggest Loser recap- and that one will come live from LA next week. I’ll be backstage to hear from the winner (will it be the first female?) and follow-up with the other finalists and contestants.

Coming up for Biggest Loser at DietsInReview:
– Tomorrow, interviews with Mark and Roger
– Tomorrow, we reveal the winner of the autographed Berndana
– Friday, hear more from Bob and Jillian about the Biggest Loser product placement and Jillian’s take on the editing process
– Tuesday, April 15, watch the live Biggest Loser finale on NBC
– Wednesday, catch the final recap and all the backstage interviews

5 Responses to Biggest Loser: Episode 15

  1. Michele Dochat says:

    I LOVED EPISODE 15!!! Talk about a turn of events the last 3 weeks. Finally the women are in the best position!

    I voted first thing this morning, and of course, my vote was for MARK. Roger is the biggest threat, so I put myself in the place of the girls and voted accordingly.

    I am rooting for Kelli to win, I always love the underdog! I am super excited for next week to see how they all look now! Among my favorites, Bernie, Jay, Dan, his mom Jackie, and Brittany and Betti Sue…..

    I am sure they will all look great and I hope everyone is there. There have been a few who don’t show up for finale, one or two who didn’t keep losing, and I think there was a pregnancy! I am betting they will all be there this time!

    #1 – GO MARK (for spot #3)

  2. EA Wilkes says:

    I became ill with a 24 hr. bug so, I guess I MISSED GETTING TO VOTE. I wanted to vote AGAINEST MARK.I can not remember the other man’s I think it Chris He has lost more than any person has ever lose on this program.
    He should be in the final THREE.
    I CAN NOT BELIVE I am writing a TV program. This is a first.

  3. Brandi says:

    Voting is still open at NBC. Follow the Cast Your Vote link above in the post.

  4. Pamela says:

    I voted to bring Mark back because I want a woman to win, I am rooting for Kelly!

  5. Miki Wells says:

    My husband is leaving for Iraq again and I had to attend a pre-deployment meeting and I missed the finale’ episode. How can I see it. I have been so wrapped up in my husband leaving again (third time in five years) that I forgot to t-vo it. Please help me see the season finale’. Thanks Miki

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